2020 has seen many of us finding new activities to fill our time and occupy our minds during the lockdown. We have seen how well our gardening community has adapted and grown over the last few months and really wanted to celebrate how you have been spending time in your garden.

Our #growwithDobies competition saw some fantastic entries and we are delighted to share them with you now including the winners of the 4 categories.

Growing With Family

We have loved seeing how you have all been bonding in the garden and spending more time with each other whilst growing some of your favourite flowers and vegetables.

The Winner Is…

John Cameron

My granddaughter Autumn is helping me with planting out some little gem lettuce in my home made planter for small veg and herbs.

Small Spaces Growing

Often a large area to grow isn’t always available but we know how innovative you all are. With all of the entries making full use of their smaller spaces, creating amazing flower displays or filling it with vegetables.

The Winner Is…

Valerie Michael

I have no garden so in March when there was such uncertainty about food supplies I looked to the only space it might be possible to grow some veg, the garage roof. I needed soil.

The local organic farmer asked me to make a pouch for his sheep shears ( I am a leatherworker) so in return he let me have as much organic compost I needed. I found all sorts of old containers, drilled holes in the bottom and placed them close to the wall on the garage roof using a ladder. Some seeds I planted directly in the containers but I also brought some on in a seed tray Farmer Fred gave me. 

I have had a good crop of peas and french beans, the tomatoes are ripening nicely and the runners are almost ready. Carrots and butternut squash complete the rooftop allotment. Early on I had conversations with a Blackbird who seemed very put out that I had invaded his territory.I have ordered some plants from you for the winter and have plans to develop the space in 2021. The whole experience has helped me feel more positive and empowered through this uncertain time.

Rustic & Repurposed Gardens

We have seen so many wonderful and creative ideas to reuse and repurpose items you would usually dispose of and it has been great! Everybody that has entered has really really done well to innovate in the garden.

The Winner Is…

Nina Baker

This is our front garden in Glasgow. When we moved here in 2013, this was your absolutely conventional boring suburban front garden: a square of grass with a shrub in the middle. Because this is southwest facing, I took it for my fruit and veg, adding more and more raised beds (from recycled wood) each year.  

We are on clay here so I did not want to spend years fighting the clay, hence the raised beds. This year is looking really good, despite drought in March/April. I aim to be eating just our own tatties, onions and soft fruit until at least Christmas, maybe longer. I’ve grown the beans for drying and love the idea of growing our own protein too.

Growing For The First Time

We have loved seeing people just starting out in gardening showing what they have grown this year. We’ve enjoyed reading your stories too and are glad that you have all found a new hobby in growing your own vegetables and flowers.

The Winner Is…

Beverley Hiden

My daughter, age 15 has been using some lockdown time to try growing vegetables for the first time.

I bought her a raised bed and she is growing garlic, carrots, celery, lettuce and beetroot. Plus a random Cosmos flower (stowaway).

Thank you to everyone who entered the #GrowwithDobies competition and congratulations to all of the winners! It was tough choosing them as all of the images and stories we received were truly inspiring and creative.

If you see your photo above don’t forget to share our blog and showcase your amazing images more.

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