For man, autumn is a time of harvest, of gathering together.  For nature, it is a time of sowing, of scattering abroad.

~ Edwin Way Teale

Traditionally September was when we started “putting our gardens to bed” but hold fast. There’s sure to be some lovely warm sun to enjoy and the wildlife will enjoy a less than tidy garden. Just start to think about moving the more tender plants and buy in some fleece. Make the most of sunny days and warm evenings as summer comes to a close.

You’ll be mostly be harvesting away this month so that you have plenty of fruit and veg to keep you going over the less productive months. Saying that, there’s still plenty to start growing, whether it be autumn cropping veg plants or quick and easy salad and leafy green seeds – you’ll have hearty meals and side dishes galore in no time!

While spring seems a long way off, it is also time to start planting your bulbs to ensure gorgeous swathes of colour when those fresh spring days come around. If you haven’t made your selection yet or not sure where to start, try one of our bumper bulb collections or go for a more relaxed English wildflower meadow feel with our naturalising bulb collection.

As the summer colour starts to fade you’ll need to fill those empty beds, baskets and borders with colourful winter-flowering primroses, pansies, violas, forget me nots and more… You can get started with some smaller value plugs or pre-order potted plants that are ready to burst full of colour.

September is also a very exciting time for us here at Dobies as we reveal our brand new seed range for 2021! After months of research, trials and selection we’ve found 50 new varieties of flower and vegetable seed that we think you are going to love, including a selection from our very own horti expert Rob Smith. Read on to find out more and take a sneak peek into the new range…

The daily struggle to water, feed and deadhead comes to an end this month but there are plenty of jobs to take their place.

  • Asparagus fronds will turn brown this month so cut them down and then apply a mulch
  • Sow some salad leaves, it’s your last chance this season!
  • Now is the time to start moving houseplants back indoors. They’ll have enjoyed being outdoors during the summer but as the temperature starts to drop they’ll want to be inside.
  • Onion sets, Shallots and Garlic can all be planted from now until mid-November
  • Order and plant spring bulbs, there’s always room for a few more! Consider planting in an area where the bulbs can be left to naturalise. Remember that the planting hole needs to be roughly three times the height of the bulb.
  • Keep your vegetable patch productive throughout the winter by planting kale, leeks, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and of course sprouts. You’ll be wanting the sprouts for Christmas!
  • Continue to harvest tomatoes, chillies, peppers, aubergines and beans. Especially beans – keep picking and they’ll keep producing!
  • Feed and improve your soil by sowing green manure on any bare patches of garden!
  • Now is the time to repair your lawn – read our top tips below!

NEW Seed Range

Seeds to sow June 2019 Dobies Newsletter

So far this year, there has been a huge shift in interest towards the horticultural world, with a particularly popular demand for seed. With so many of us having taken refuge in our outside space through lockdown, new gardens and their keepers have sprung up everywhere, with some rekindling their passion whilst existing gardeners have simply grown more.

Therefore, Dobies have introduced new seed for 2021 that reflects both current trends and customers’ expectations. Dobies’ new seed varieties deliver just what’s required to continue to inspire the nation’s gardeners, with new additions throughout flower and vegetable seed ranges.

Dobies has considered everything when making their selection, to bring varieties that stand out from the rest and offer that little bit more.

NEW Vegetable Seeds

For over 125 years, Dobies have used their vast knowledge and experience to bring a range of outstanding new varieties to gardeners. Our new 2021 vegetable range is no exception. This year 32 new cultivars having been added to the collection to keep your allotments, veg patches and containers well stocked.

We are proud to introduce our fantastic selection of new vegetable seeds that have been carefully selected to offer you the same level of quality that you expect whilst giving you the opportunity to grow some new vegetable varieties.

Try our top of the range F1 hybrids that are specially bred for stronger plants and bumper crops like Broccoli Purple Rain or Tomato Crimson Plum. Or brighten up your veg patch with plants that are as colourful as they are tasty like the Peppermint Swiss Chard. If you’re a fan of Rob Smith’s heritage varieties, you’ll love the likes of Tomato Big Brandy and Lettuce Bronze Beauty that has been saved from extinction… all tried and tested by Rob himself, each variety has been grown in his garden or allotment!

NEW Flower Seeds

Dobies of Devon have supplied flower seeds direct to gardeners since 1894. In keeping with their long-established reputation for only selecting the best, the 2021 catalogue contains a wonderful range of new and exciting varieties of cottage garden favourites, ‘must have’ annuals and the pick of perennials from seed.

Decorate your flower beds and flower borders with brand new, bright and colourful flower varieties. The new flower seed range has a great mix of new and interesting breeds to much more traditional flowers with a twist.

Growing your flowers from seed is not only great value for money but seeing your plants grow and go through many stages of maturation is much more satisfying than buying the finished product. You will be able to choose where and how you grow your flowers to create fantastic displays in your garden. We have selected some of our absolute favourite varieties that we want to share with you. We’re sure you will all love them just as much as we do!

A classic flower that’s elegant and pretty, try our new and exclusive Sweet Pea Fire & Ice. If you want something a little warm and fiery, you’ll love French Marigold Tiger Eyes that will turn up the heat in your garden. You can always guarantee Rob Smith’s cut flower range to have something new and exciting and this year he does not disappoint with the new Cosmos Pink Popsocks and Nasturtium Baby Orange to name a few.

#GrowWithDobies Winners

Back in July we asked you to show us how you have used your garden or small space as best as possible, celebrating innovation in the garden. With four categories to enter we were truly amazed at the entries we received…

So without further ado here are our winners who will be receiving a £50 Dobies Gift Voucher to spend online!

Growing With Family

John Cameron

My granddaughter Autumn is helping me with planting out some little gem lettuce in my home made planter for small veg and herbs.

Small Spaces Growing

Valerie Michael

I have no garden so in March when there was such uncertainty about food supplies I looked to the only space it might be possible to grow some veg, the garage roof. I needed soil.

The local organic farmer asked me to make a pouch for his sheep shears ( I am a leatherworker) so in return he let me have as much organic compost I needed. I found all sorts of old containers, drilled holes in the bottom and placed them close to the wall on the garage roof using a ladder. Some seeds I planted directly in the containers but I also brought some on in a seed tray Farmer Fred gave me.

Rustic & Repurposed Gardens

Nina Baker

This is our front garden in Glasgow. When we moved here in 2013, this was your absolutely conventional boring suburban front garden: a square of grass with a shrub in the middle. Because this is southwest facing, I took it for my fruit and veg, adding more and more raised beds (from recycled wood) each year. 

We are on clay here so I did not want to spend years fighting the clay, hence the raised beds. This year is looking really good, despite drought in March/April. I aim to be eating just our own tatties, onions and soft fruit until at least Christmas, maybe longer. I’ve grown the beans for drying and love the idea of growing our own protein too.

Growing For The First Time

Beverley Hidden

My daughter, age 15 has been using some lockdown time to try growing vegetables for the first time.

I bought her a raised bed and she is growing garlic, carrots, celery, lettuce and beetroot. Plus a random Cosmos flower (stowaway).

Thank you to everyone who entered the #GrowwithDobies competition, we loved looking through all of your pictures and reading your stories.

To see all of the entries for this competition click the button below.

Tips for Planting Spring Bulbs

The appearance of early spring flowers is when many of us breathe a sigh of relief. The dark days of winter are nearly over. Be they dancing daffodils, pure snowdrops or vibrant tulips, spring bulbs bring a welcome promise of longer, warmer days.

Spring bulbs are nothing if not versatile. They will happily grow in containers, borders, through grass and under trees. And of course, some can be forced to flower indoors at Christmas.

Simple to grow and needing little aftercare your spring bulbs will do well if you follow these 10 simple tips found on our ‘How To Plant Spring Bulbs’ blog.

Now Is The Time To Repair Your Lawn

As we near the end of an exceptionally sunny summer, your lawn may have been transformed from a lush green colour to a dry, brown expanse resembling coconut matting. Recent rain will certainly have helped your lawn to recover but with a little extra TLC, you can easily restore to its former glory.

Here are 5 easy steps to follow to get that perfect lawn!

Step 1 – Remove moss and thatch using the Lawn Scarifier.

Step 2 – Aerate to reduce compaction and aid drainage using Lawn Spikes or the Lawn Aerator.

Step 3 – Feed to aid recovery using RHS Recovery 4Kg 80M² .

Step 4 – Overseed your lawn to bring it back to life using Dobies Premium Lawn Seed 625G Pack.

Step 5 – Fight lawn pests with biological pest control.

Offer Of The Month

Bare Root Plants

Buy Any 3 Or More For Just £6 Each

Bare root plants are a more economical way to buy your perennials. Generally planted during the autumn or winter so less care needed once planted.

Larger clumps of roots which will continue to grow during the winter meaning a stronger more established plant for good displays in the spring.

We’ve got 3 beautiful new varieties, including Iris Mission Ridge, Iris Summer Olympics and Papaver Manhattan. Get your hands on these before the sell out!

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