Carrots can be grown in the garden or in containers on the patio! Growing in containers allows you to grow veg in spaces you wouldn’t normally use and produce bigger harvests from your plot!

Growing carrots from seed is the most cost-effective way to achieve a tasty harvest and, given good conditions for germination, we are confident that you will be delighted with the results. To help you achieve success we’ve put together some hints and tips for carrot growing!

Step 1

Prepare Your Container

Select your container or raised bed and make sure it is at least 30cm deep. Carefully make a few drainage holes in the bottom (if there aren’t any already) and add a 5cm layer of gravel or crocks for drainage.

Step 2

Add Compost

Fill the container with good quality compost and water it well before sowing your seeds.

Step 3

Sow Seeds

Scatter your carrot seeds thinly over the surface and cover them with a fine layer of compost. There is no need to water them again as the compost is already moist.

Step 4


To speed up germination you can cover the container with a layer of cling film, to act as a mini greenhouse. Just remember to put a few holes in the film to allow air to circulate. Remove the film one the seeds have germinated.

Step 5


Start pulling your carrots once they are big enough to eat and leave the rest to grow larger!

Gathering carrots on a warm Autumn morning

Top Tip

By growing carrots in raised beds or pots over 30cm from ground level, you lessen the chance of carrot root fly. These low flying insects can easily be deterred by using micromesh barriers too.

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