More blooms, more colour & more months of colour!

Enjoy a perfect purple summer ‘Breezin’!

Discover a Delphinium with difference! Delphinium Delgenius™ ‘Breezin’ naturally self-branches, meaning many flower stems are produced rather than just the traditional one and it also flowers for a much longer period.

 This dramatic Delphinium is ideal for a much more floriferous garden display or cut the extra stems for displays in the home.
Being strong and sturdy, it’s an ideal plant for beds and borders, and even a patio container, so you can enjoy its beautiful blooms in garden large or small.

Delphinium Plant – Delgenius™ ‘Breezin’
Code: 20 02 88
1 x 2 Litre Potted Plant
Code: 20 02 89
3 x 2 Litre Potted Plants
£30.00 £44.97 SAVE 33%
Flowers: June to August

More perfect purples and marvellous mauves…

With darker coloured and larger flowers than other perennial Alliums, Lavender Bubbles will be an asset to any garden.

 The dark purple, bubble-shaped flowers are produced in profusion above the thin grey-green leaves in late summer. Over a period of a few months, new ones are produced, keeping the display looking fresh and incredibly colourful.
Easy to grow and stunning to look at, whether in a pot on the patio or in the garden border, once established, it will produce a huge amount of flowers.

Allium Plants – Lavender Bubbles
Code: 20 02 39
1 x 9cm Potted Plant
Code: 20 02 40
3 x 9cm Potted Plants
£20.00 £29.97 SAVE 33%
Flowers: July to August

Osteospernum Sennon Sunrise is a stunning and hardy form, with hazy light pink flowers with dramatic dark centres.

It produces a mat of foliage along the floor, which becomes repeatedly covered with a great number of flowers for many months in the summer. A real eye-catching and colorful spectacle whether in containers, borders or over the edges of paths or gravel areas.

Osteospernum Sennon Sunrise
Code: 20 02 45
1 x 9cm Potted Plant
Code: 20 02 46
3 x 9cm Potted Plants
£20.00 £29.97 SAVE 33%
Flowers: May to October

Delight in the dainty pincushion flowers of Astrantia Venice!
Beautifully rich burgundy-purple bracts form a rosette around a cluster of dainty pincushion flowers on this Astrantia Venice.

These extremely photogenic plants flower from June to August are make an excellent cut flower – a must have addition to a summer bouquet and a stunning and useful addition to beds and borders.
Astrantia Venice
Code: 20 02 86
1 x 2-Litre Potted Plant
Code: 20 02 87
3 x 2-Litre Potted Plants
£26 £38.97 Save £33

Flowers: June to August

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