Starting in 1913 at London’s Royal Hospital, Chelsea, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show is one of the most recognisable horti events in the country. However, there are some interesting things you didn’t know about RHS Chelsea Flower Show, so why not put your knowledge to the test and prove us wrong, or learn something new!

RHS Chelsea is a truly unique, unforgettable experience and a key date in every avid gardener’s calendar. Hundreds of garden designers, growers and famous faces come together to present the very best advancements in the horti world.  Such a famous event with a long-running history does however come with many peculiar facts and unusual turns in events! Here’s a look at 10 things you didn’t know about RHS Chelsea Flower Show

1. The Royal Horticultural Society Was Founded in 1804

Let’s kick off with an easy one! You may have heard this one before but it is certainly true. The RHS is the world’s leading gardening charity and has inspired many to grow through the past, present and future. For over two centuries the RHS has been at the forefront of horticulture and yes, in the early Chelsea events, attendees would dress something like this!

2. You Can Park up to 500 London Buses in the Great Pavilion

With around 11,775 square meters of land across the Great Pavilion, you can in fact fit this many London buses within there! Can you imagine how many plants there are? This amounts to why it is a truly unforgettable experience and that there’s nothing else quite like it!

3. The Show Has Taken Place in London Every Year Since 1913, Apart From the Year During the Two World Wars and 2020

As one of the most prestigious gardening shows there are, it is one of tradition too. The show has taken place every year apart from the two World Wars and in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

4. A Very Wet Disaster!

Back in 1932, the show didn’t fall on a sunny day, and the rain was so severe that a summer house display collapsed into pieces. A very wet year, and a very wet event had one exhibitor name it ‘The Chelsea Shower Flow’!

5. It’s Actually Not the Biggest Flower Show in the UK

In fact, the RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival just takes the lead! This however, doesn’t make it any less of a show and the venue is definitely a showstopper.

6. The RHS Has Several Gardens

The RHS has many, many gardens, but their four main gardens include Wisley Garden in Surrey, Rosemoor Garden in Devon, Hyde Hall in Essex, and Harlow Carr in North Yorkshire.

7. RHS Has Published a Magazine Since 1866

They publish a regular monthly magazine alongside special editions, some once a year and others 4 times a year. Intrerestingly, it has held its name ‘The Garden’ since 1975.

8. When The Gnome Ban Was Lifted

For its 100th birthday in May 2013, the RHS did just that. The temporary, yet well-known gnome ban was lifted for the event and many painted the faces of gnomes for charity.

9. Recycling the Marquees into 7,000 Handbags, Jackets and Aprons!

In 2000, the RHS decided to switch the marquees for a pavilion! In the process, they recycled the marquees into 7,000 handbags, jackets and aprons. To this day the RHS roots for sustainability and supporting our planet.

10. For the First Time in Chelsea’s 108-Year History, the Most Renowned Flower Show on Earth Will Be Held in Autumn (September!).

There’s always a first, and this definitely is! For the first time in 108 years, the RHS is postponing the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, and planning for it to take place in the autumn instead of spring. This is due to obvious reasons, as the 2021 Show would have happened between 18 May and 23 May, but has now been moved from 21st to 26th September. This event will still be held at the usual place (world-renown) Royal Hospital, Chelsea, but whilst the September Show clearly be different from the usual spring event, the RHS sees this as an opportunity to celebrate the greatest aspects of autumn horticulture!

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