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Creating an easycare perennial border

With so much choice when it comes to perennial border plants, choosing the perfect products for your garden can be difficult. If you’ve yet to try splitting your birders into three sections (front, middle and back), it’s an effective and fun way to make choosing your perennials easy. Once you start thinking about your plants by section, it’s just a question of choosing the right sizes and the colours to fit your scheme.
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Overwintering Dahlias

Overwintering dahlias is worth doing correctly to ensure that next year you can again enjoy the colourful blooms. Dependant on whereabouts you live your dahlias are probably looking pretty untidy by now. There may still be the odd bloom hanging on but the plants will have lost all signs of vigour and life. But, it’s still too soon to cut them down!

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Cut Flowers for the Home

There’s something special about bringing the outside in and filling vases, pots and jars with cut flowers you’ve grown yourself. You may have a designated cutting patch or grow plants destined for the house in pots, on the veg patch or amongst shrubs, it doesn’t matter. A simple jar filled with sweet peas from the allotment will add colour and of course fragrance to any home.

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Indian Marigold Kushi Mix

Mention Indian Marigold to many people and the conversation will turn to exotic hotels or cheap rubber gloves, but it is the flower that this blog will focus on.

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Red-White-and-Blue (and Rainbows, too)

Geranium St George-Ann

This weekend’s post as intended focuses on the Ornamental Garden, but is taking a little meander into June 2012 – the red-white-and-blue should give you a clue. The Queen’s Jubilee, of course, and a coincidence. A flyer that arrived by email regarding Dobies plants available by post, coupled with news from our village flower show committee that we are to ‘have a bit of a do’, reminded me of previous royal occasions when villagers hung out flags, organized street parties, and the like.  With plants available in such patriotic colours, front gardens should offer a splendid tribute – a joyous celebration all summer; and one that assuredly will be duplicated all over the country.

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