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Bumblebees – Friends of Every Gardener

One good turn deserves another and bumblebees are very aware of this proverb. Encourage bumblebees to your garden and they will help to pollinate your plants, resulting in better crops.

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Why Grow Green Manures?

The reason for sowing and growing green manures is that they are an easy and environmentally friendly way of improving both soil fertility and the organic content. Grow them on any vacant patch of garden at any time of year however they are most effective when sown in autumn and left over winter.

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At this time of year aphids are beginning to rampage. These small, pear-shaped insects like soft new growth on trees, shrubs, perennials, climbers, fruit, annuals and veg. In other words – they’ll eat most things.

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Gifts to Encourage Wildlife

With more and more people wanting to encourage wildlife into their gardens what better gift to give a gardener this Christmas than a ladybird house, a bug hotel or similar? Not only will the creatures they encourage add interest to the garden but they will also help to control some of pests with which many gardeners do battle.

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Four raised beds filled with vegetables and herbs in Summer 2013

Gardening Opportunities

If you live, as we do, where Winter extends into Summer and we have little or no Spring, and then suddenly Autumn creeps upon us unawares, it seems highly sensible to take advantage of all possible gardening opportunities. By which I do not mean out in the garden on days when you can, and potter in the greenhouse, shed or conservatory when you can’t. I mean open your mind to help from elsewhere. It seems highly sensible to take advantage of online-catalogue offers – seedlings, young plants and potted specialities to fill gaps, or to populate a complete bed.

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