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In Praise of Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes are the tiny, sometimes grape-sized, tomatoes much loved by adults and children alike. They tend to be sweeter than other types and are suitable for adding whole to salads, roasting or simply eating fresh from the plant. In addition to trusty favourite varieties we are introducing some exciting new cherry tomatoes this year. Not just for the sake of it but because they are an improvement on what came before.
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Blight Resistant Tomatoes – Crimson Crush

Back in 2015 we launched a revolution in blight resistant tomatoes – Crimson Crush. Many allotment holders and gardeners had long since stopped growing outdoor tomatoes due to the disappointment of seeing their crop devastated by blight. Crimson Crush is a proven answer and for 2017 we are extending this blight resistant tomato family.

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Brandy Boy beefsteak

Storing Tomatoes

There are more than 400 varieties of tomato with the flavour differing by variety, by the growing method, the weather conditions and also by the way they are handled and stored. Continue Reading

Blight Free Tomatoes

Many gardeners have at some point suffered the disappointment of their entire season’s tomato crop being devastated by blight.  With spores being carried on the wind tomato blight can spread for many miles and although some blight resistant tomatoes are already available none have been able to fight off all strains of the disease. Until now. Continue Reading

Hello all from a sunny growth spurting Devon!

perpetual spinach

perpetual spinach

The potatoes are poking their little heads out so I have healed these up . The beans are growing up the poles over night ! The peas are doing really well too , I used the early onwards and I must say they are looking great. We have just got our first crop of broad beans and yellow alto beet roots are ready this week to go over to the restaurant.

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