Cherry Tomatoes are the tiny, sometimes grape-sized, tomatoes much loved by adults and children alike. They tend to be sweeter than other types and are suitable for adding whole to salads, roasting or simply eating fresh from the plant. In addition to trusty favourite varieties we are introducing some exciting new cherry tomatoes this year. Not just for the sake of it but because they are an improvement on what came before.

New Varieties

Tomato F1 Tumbling Bella

Tomato Tumbler is a long-standing customer favourite and has been improved to create Tumbling Bella. The sweet little fruits are crack resistant and perfect for growing in a container. In fact, from our trials we are happy to make the bold statement that these are the perfect hanging basket tomato.

Quad Cherry – Magni

Now this is truly clever. Specially raised by professionals in our own nursery four fruiting stems will grow from one plant, giving four times the normal crop. These can be trained as a fan or, if space is an issue grown as a four-stem “tower”.

Artisan Blush Tiger

Elongated cherry tomatoes with an almost tropical flavour. Perfect for a sunny sheltered patio these little lovelies are ready for eating when their pink blush appears.

Crimson Cherry

New last year not this but still worthy of mention is F1 Crimson Cherry. A member of our renowned blight resistant “Crimson” family Cherry is a very early cropping and deliciously flavoured large cherry type.


Of course growing all these lovely cherry tomatoes could result in something of a glut. Wonderful as they are you probably don’t want to be eating them every day. Tomatoes are best kept at room temperature but for longer than a day or two pop them in the fridge. Then bring them bac to room temperature before using.
Cherry tomatoes freeze really well. Use in casseroles, soups and stews from frozen.

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