Back in 2015 we launched a revolution in blight resistant tomatoes – Crimson Crush. Many allotment holders and gardeners had long since stopped growing outdoor tomatoes due to the disappointment of seeing their crop devastated by blight. Crimson Crush is a proven answer and for 2017 we are extending this blight resistant tomato family.

What is Blight?

Blight is a fungal disease that thrives in warm wet conditions, such as the typical British summer! It affects the stem, leaves and fruits and causes plants to quickly rot and die. With the spores being carried on the wind tomato blight readily spreads for many miles.

Starting in 2006, Simon Crawford, leading plant breeder, and James Stroud, PhD scientist at Bangor University, began working to create a blight immune variety of tomato. Simon first found blight resistant genes in a tomato plant when carrying out trials at his farm in Yorkshire. Working together Simon and James then combined blight resistant genes Ph2 and Ph3 into just one plant, Crimson Crush.

Crimson Crush

Tomato Crimson Crush has superb resistance to late blight. Plants can still exhibit infection on up to 15-20% of the leaf surface. At that point the resistance kicks in and previously healthy plants will grow away from the attack. In addition, Crimson Crush produces exceptionally fine tasting, large round tomatoes, weighing up to 200g each.

In 2016 we added Tomato F1 Crimson Cherry to the Dobies range and this proved incredibly popular. All the blight resistance of Crimson Crush in a very early cropping delicious cherry type!

New for 2017

For 2017 we are introducing a new member of the Crimson Crush family – Crimson Blush. A superb Beefsteak variety that is both a vigorous grower and a reliable cropper.

For those who fancy growing all of Crimson Crush family then a collection is available. And remember, these plants are grafted so will deliver up to 75% more than a standard tomato.

The growing of outdoor tomatoes is once again viable with more choices than ever, thanks to Crimson Crush.

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