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We’re going to Chelsea!

There are 5 weeks to go, and we’ve started counting down to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. We’re thrilled that the Welcome to Yorkshire garden’s set to include vegetables from the Dobies range of grafted veg, and we’ve picked some of our exclusive new products to grace the garden.
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The Crapaudine beetroot shines on MasterChef

We were thrilled to see the Rouge Crapaudine beetroot take to the limelight on Monday night’s MasterChef, as Kenny created beetroot steaks slow cooked in beef fat. Part of a signature dish by a Michelin restaurant in Yorkshire, this unique and scrumptious beetroot took centre stage. The beetroot steaks are a popular choice at The Black Swan restaurant, owned by Tommy Banks, and they’re ingenious.

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How Tomato Ailsa Craig Was Named

Waiting my turn at the dentist recently I was surprised when they called the name of the next patient. “Ailsa Craig” was not however my expected shiny red tomato but a very smartly dressed woman. I wonder how many other waiting patients thought the same as me? Or were they perhaps thinking Scottish islands and onions?

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Preserving Surplus Crops

Much of what we grow is best eaten fresh. I’m sure that many a pea doesn’t even make it as far as the kitchen and ripe sweetcorn cobs will have gone straight from the plant to the BBQ. The end of the growing season is the perfect time to invite friends for seasonal feasts of veggie soups and light stews. But much as fresh is best it’s also good to squirrel certain crops away, preserving them for enjoying over the winter months.

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Four raised beds filled with vegetables and herbs in Summer 2013

June Vegetable Garden

With the 21st June being the longest day this is a month of wonderfully long daylight hours, warmth and sunshine. Ideal conditions for plants to grow strongly. The flower garden will now be at its most colourful but it’s the June vegetable garden on which we will concentrate here.

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