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Composting is the perfect way to assist the health of your soil and it’s a great way to ensure nothing is wasted.
Compost bins have also come a long way from their humble beginnings! Here are our neat composting solutions for organic kitchens and gardens.

Composting is on the move!

Achieve speedy compost creation with the Tumbler and move compost with ease around your garden with the cart!

No more waiting 2-3 months for compost to mature! The tumbler allows one chamber to be filled and churned while the other is curing, for speedy composting.

Tumbler & Cart available individually or buy both!
Tumbler & Cart
Code: 59 96 09
Code: 59 96 01
Composting Cart
Code: 59 96 02

Make the most of Microorganisms!

Make your own high-nutrient organic compost and liquid plant feed from your everyday kitchen waste using effective microorganisms with the Bokashi Kitchen Waste Composting Kit.

Dobies Bokashi Kitchen Waste Composting Kit

Turn your kitchen scraps into a nutrient rich plant feed and a compost enriching Bokashi. Add a sprinkle of bran each time you add material to the bucket and the resulting Bokashi is ready in just two weeks.

Start a new batch in the second bucket while the other ferments and produces rich liquid plant food. Trials by commercial composters show improved crop yield from effective microorganism-treated compost.

Bokashi Kitchen Waste Composting Kit
Code: 78 31 68

This pack contains – two 18-litre buckets, 1kg of bran, matching bran container (holds 4.5 kg), and full colour information and instruction booklet.

Also available:

1 x 3kg Bran Bag for Bokashi Kit
Code: 78 31 69

3 x 3kg Bran Bags for Bokashi Kit
Code: 78 40 83
£49.98 WAS £74.97 SAVE 33%

The wonderful world of worms!

The Maze Worm Farm offers stylish, small space composting from your balcony, deck or garden.

Maze Worm Farm
Code: 59 00 71

Put your kitchen waste to work with an Urbalive Worm Farm

Designed for indoor use, the smart modern design of the Urbalive Worm Farm is available in a choice of three colours.

Urbalive Worm Farm

Light Anthracite (pictured)
Code: 59 26 46

Light Green
Code: 59 28 72

Code: 59 28 73


Other winning compost combinations…

Wooden Composter

Awarded ‘Best Buy’ earlier this year by BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine.

Wooden Compost Bin and Module (pictured above)
Code: 57 07 73

Modular Wooden Compost Bin
Code: 57 07 57

Wooden Compost Module
Code: 57 07 65

We can’t talk about composting without mentioning…

Our bestselling and RHS Chelsea Winning Hotbins!

Winner of RHS Chelsea Flower Show’s ‘Garden Product of the Year 2019’, the Hotbin Mini is the ultimate hot garden composter – perfectly proportioned for small spaces!

Half the volume of the Hotbin Mk.2 (see below), the Hotbin Mini is a 100-litre unit, recommended for average 1 to 2-person households, with or without a small garden.

Hotbin Mini Composter 100-Litre
Code: 78 44 27

You may also like:

Hotbin Mk.2 Composter 200-Litre
Code: 78 33 26

Note: all prices correct at date of publication but are subject to change.

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