Give Wildlife a Home, To Call Their Own!

Get involved in National Garden Wildlife Week, 31st May to 6th June 2021, by creating wildlife-friendly spaces in your garden!

As wildlife faces increased pressure through loss of habitat, you can give wildlife a home in your garden with Dobies’ stylish new range insect hotels.

Win over wildlife with these stylish designs!

Constructed from wood and with a long-lasting anthracite shell, these insect hotels are both practical and great to look at! What a great gift to give to the nature lovers in your life!

Support the bee population with a bee hotel

A practical and stylish design with bamboo sticks and various hole sizes to attract multiple solitary bee species to rest and nest.
Bee Hotel – Anthracite
Code: 59 96 39

Provide a safe home for garden Butterflies!

When you find a butterfly during autumn in your house, it’s the perfect time to place a butterfly hotel in your garden. The butterfly can wait in this safe space until winter is over. It will be able to store its energy ready for spring, when it will emerge and find a partner.
Butterfly Hotel – Anthracite
Code: 59 96 44

No Mow May

This month is also ‘No Mow May‘, so why not give the lawnmower a holiday?

By letting your lawn grow – and leaving some areas of long grass – you and precious pollinators can enjoy the wildflowers that grow in your lawn at this vital time of year. You can also take part in the ‘Every Flower Counts‘ survey from 23rd-31st May and upload the results from your lawn.

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Flower Seeds for Wildlife & Pollinators

Dobies’ range of bee and butterfly-friendly seeds will transform your garden into a paradise for wildlife.

Natural pollinators increase productivity and reduce insect pest numbers, which is why planting flower seeds for wildlife and pollinators is a win-win for gardeners and nature.

Honeybee Mix Seeds
Average Packet Content 1000 seeds
Code: 42 15 31

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