The 2016 veg range includes Rob’s Heritage Veg, selected by Rob Smith, winner of The Big Allotment Challenge 2015. Rob says “I have a real passion for heritage veg. These are what my grandad used to grow, that taste takes me straight back to helping him in the garden as a child.”

So, let’s take a look at the range and see what Rob has to say about them:

Rob's BeetrootDwarf French Bean Rocquencourt – These beans, bred in France in 1840s form small bush-style plants. The beans are a waxy yellow colour with a fresh buttery flavour. (See page 6)
Beetroot Albina Vereduna – A white beetroot that is sweeter and less earthy than other varieties and won’t stain fingers or clothes! (See Rob's Kalepage 10)
Cabbage Greyhound – A fast-maturing sweetheart type, dwarf, compact with few outer leaves. (See page 14)
Cabbage January King 3 – Recorded before 1885 this is a large semi-savoy cabbage with purple flushes on the outer edge of the leaves. Perfect for winter use. (See page 14)

Rob's SquashCarrot Atlas – A perfect little round carrot for growing in containers. Dating back to the 19th century it forms ping-pong ball sized, super-sweet spheres. (See page 16)
Cauliflower Purple Graffiti F1 – An easy to grow deep purple cauliflower which turns a deeper colour the more sunshine it gets. (See Rob's Peapage 18)
Cornichon vert petit de Paris – The traditional French pickling cucumber. (See page 22)
Cucumber White Wonder – Small crunchy white cucumber dating back to 1890. (See page 22)
Kale Red Russian – Green/grey leaves in the shape of giant oak leaves that turn reddish as the Rob's Leekscold weather arrives. (See page 23)
Leek Lyon Prizetaker – Large thick white stems that are very cold-hardy. Great for showing. (See page 25)
Lettuce Crisp Mint Romaine – named for its colour this lettuce forms compact, stately plants perfect for a Caesar salad. (See page 27)

Rob's onionsPickling Onion Borettana – Dating back to Italy in the 1400s this small flat onion is easy to grow and stores well, throughout winter. (See page 31)
Pea Blauschokker – pretty enough to grow in the flower border with purple flowers followed by purple pods. “Well worth growing” says Rob. (See page 34)

Rob's TomatoPea Lincoln – Ideal for northern parts as more cold tolerant and shorter than most peas. (See page 35)
Radish Long Scarlet – Looks like a red carrot but is a radish with a punchy flavour (See page 41)
Squash Honeyboat – First introduced in 1894 this squash is easier to

Rob's Cabbagegrow, productive and sweeter than even a butternut squash. Rob says, “As far as I know no-one else in the UK is selling this great old variety.” (See page 42)
Turnip Manchester Market – Sown in late summer for winter use according to Rob “You’ll be glad you grew it!” (See page 43)

Rob's Red TomatoTomato Red Currant – Tiny fruits first discovered growing on a Peruvian beach in 1707. A different species to the common garden tomato these fruits are crisp with an intense, sweet/tart flavour. (See page 44)
Tomato Yellow Currant – Same as the Red Currant ones above but yellow!

Rob says “These tomatoes will reward you with fruit every day.” (See page 44)

For more details on Rob’s Heritage Range click here or request a copy of our 2016 Seed Catalogue. As Rob says “These seeds have stood the test of time and produce amazing crops.”

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