I remember a time when we here at Dobies didn’t sell sweet potatoes but we then started to receive requests from customers and so, after some research, we listened and added them to our range. Back then we supplied sweet potatoes as slips and although this worked fine for some customers others reported less satisfactory results. So, after more research, we started to supply them as super plugs and the results have been very much better.

Super plugs have been nurtured from cuttings and although strong little plants they will need growing on in the greenhouse before hardening off and planting out in June.

Being lovers of the sun and heat sweet potatoes will perform best when grown in a greenhouse or poly-tunnel. If you live in the south, they’ll be fine outside during a good summer but you can help them by growing under a cloche or through black plastic.

The sweet potatoes will mature after 4 to 5 months at which time the foliage will turn yellow and die back. Full of vitamin A and other goodies sweet potatoes really are worth growing, cooking and eating

– Bake them whole and you’ll have the sweetest jacket spuds.
– Cut them into chips and fry in sunflower oil until golden.
– Chop them and roast in olive oil with or without other veg.
– Grate them and bake in a cake instead of carrots.
– Or simply mash them adding loads of butter and some seasoning. T

Sweet Potato

Before you can begin cooking you do have to choose, buy and then grow your sweet potatoes. Dobies offers you a choice of 4 varieties:

Burgundy – the best for mash
Bonita – the sweetest
Murasaki 29 – the best for making chips
Beauregard – the best all-rounder

If you can’t decide which to choose then a Dobies Speciality Sweet Potato Collection is the answer, giving a mix of all 4 varieties. Order now and your sweet potatoes will be delivered in April/May. Just at the right stage for growing on.

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