Take the stress out of buying a gift for the gardener in your life with Dobies guide to the Top Ten Gifts For Gardeners.

Finding the perfect gardening gift can be a difficult job! No two gardens are the same and neither are two gardeners! To help guide you down the right garden path, we’ve picked the top ten gardening gifts from our 2020 Gift For Gardeners catalogue.

From Alice in Wonderland inspired outdoor games, friendly faces to add to your outdoor space to experience days and trees delivered straight to your door! Browse our carefully selected gifts for gardeners below as we help you find just the right present.

1. Fantastic Faces for Outdoor Places

Garden stone ornaments that will make a statement! Need to find a way to spruce up your garden? Our hanging stone Greenman tealight holder will age beautifully and transform your garden with charm and a natural candlelit glow. With an antique finish carved into Greenman’s detail and character, this masterpiece has been designed by British sculptors and springs to life when a tealight’s inside. Greenman Height 27cm. Weight 1.55kg. Green lady Height 28cm. Weight 1.7kg.

2. Eye-catching House Plants

There’s something magical about the beauty of brightly coloured flowers in your home in winter and our gorgeous amaryllis bulbs make it easy. Specially prepared to put on an outstanding show in your home, your amaryllis will be delivered in time to flower for the festive season! Your plant should flower year after year, giving you a splash of colour in your home during winter and spring.

3. Wildlife Habitats

The perfect gift for those wildlife lovers. Whether it be bird feeders, bird boxes or state-of-the-art wildlife camera kits, these gifts are perfect for the wildlife enthusiast and organic gardener alike. From Hedgehog houses to Frog Ponds and Ladybird Lodges, we have something for everyone!

4. High-Quality Garden Tools!

Don’t dig around looking for clues on what to give the green-fingered gardener in your life. Choose a Sneeboer garden tool every time – they will never disappoint! High quality, stainless steel and hand-forged, built to last these make a gift all gardeners will appreciate for years to come.

5. Trees by Post!

With a choice of four tree-mendous trees to choose between and all delivered straight to the door of your loved one! All these fantastic Trees by Post come gift-wrapped and gift boxed.

Traditionally used as a symbol of peace and friendship, olive trees make fantastic gifts and are famed for their longevity. This Olive Tree Gift will add a touch of the Mediterranean to gardens or patios and may produce fruit in some milder regions of the UK.

The olive can be grown outdoors during the summer and in all but the milder areas of the country will need the protection of a greenhouse or conservatory from autumn to spring. Height 80-90cm. Supplied in a 2-4 Litre pot.

Bring style and sophistication to your garden or patio with a beautiful Bay Tree! This variety can be clipped into a formal architectural specimen, providing structure and interest for 12 months of the year, for many years to come!

The dark green leaves of this Sweet Bay are great for cooking! Supplied as an established standard tree with a 40cm stem and full head. Total height 70cm. Supplied in a 3 litre pot.

Give the gift of an exotic kiwi plant! Kiwi fruits are attractive climbers that are surprisingly easy to grow and hardy too. Grow up a trellis, arch or pergola in a warm spot or on a south-facing wall and prune to your desired size.

Issai is an unusual kiwi which, unlike its more well-known cousins, boasts fruit with a smooth, edible skin! The little kiwis are quite delicious and are produced in abundance – 1000 kiwis per year is not unusual!

Our Brown Turkey Fig Tree is the most reliable fig for the UK climate, producing a heavy crop of purple-brown fruits with sweet red flesh in late August to mid-September – harvest and enjoy! Each plant comes with a jar of sticky fig jam. Supplied as a 3 litre potted plant.

Figs will bring a Mediterranean flavour to your garden, combining handsome foliage with a tasty and bountiful harvest.

6. Fun Garden Games

Head outdoors as a family and go on a bug hunt, try bird watching or tumble down a rabbit hole to a world where anything is possible! Kids of all ages – including big kids! – will love our Alice-inspired Wonderland games, including The White Rabbit’s Scavenger Hunt, Queen’s Guards Giant Playing Cards, Queen of Hearts Flamingo Croquet and Alice’s Party Games Mat. We’ve everything you need to bring this topsy-turvy storybook to life! silly and whimsical fun.

7. Experience Days

There’s something magical about picking a unique experience and making memories together, and our selection has something for everyone. Choose from a day at Anne Hathaway’s beautiful cottage, a visit to Kew Gardens complete with a river cruise, or an urban beekeeping experience with craft beer tasting sessions. This is the opportunity to tick one of those items off their bucket list with a gift they’ll never forget!

8. Charming Characters For The Garden

Decorative additions don’t have to just be for inside the home, there’s plenty of fun to have outside in the garden too! Why not have a bit of fun and get your loved one a cheeky garden gnome. Dobies has a selection of quirky characters including golden gnomes, fishing gnomes and LED solar gnomes!

9. Weather Gifts

From terrific thermometers to wonderful weather sticks, our range of weather gifts has something for everyone! The Prince Frog Thermometer is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. You’ll find his grin is contagious! Handcast in stone and with delightful detail and a patina finish, this robust piece can stand alone or hang on a wall.

Wind Chimes have ancient origins and they have traditionally been used to protect crops from birds to ward off evil spirits and to create a calming, meditative atmosphere in outside spaces. Our stunning Colourful Solar Spinners make beautiful garden features. Not only that, they store solar power during the day so that at night they bathe your garden in light.

10. Spring Bulbs

Get a garden in a box with our pre-planted bulb trays! They’re the 100% biodegradable way to make spring bulb planting easy. Each of the egg-box-like sections contains a bulb – simply make a space, drop in the tray, cover with soil and water it for stunning spring colour. Perfect for balcony boxes, patio pots or in your borders, these make fantastic gifts for flower lovers.

Dobies’ gifts for gardeners makes present shopping easy and stress free, provide all round smiles to bring togetherness wherever you are. So, sit back and start ticking off all those on your Christmas list today.

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