This year’s events have created a new wave of interest in gardening and for the second lockdown, it’s time to get a step ahead with those put off gardening tasks and get busy outdoors. 

This is a great opportunity to continuing the gardening spirit and make the most of every space around. Whether you have large garden, patio, balcony or a window with room for a pot, there are all kinds of gardening activities that can be done anywhere and everywhere.

We have put together a range of handy tips to inspire you through your gardening journey this month, with a list of lockdown jobs, seeds to sow now, indoor growing options, space-saving tricks for small space gardens and much more. It is also a great time to start your outdoor Christmas decorations, so we’ve got a variety of ways to make your own winter wonderland at home this year.

Garden Lockdown Jobs

If you’re unsure of where to start in the garden, there’s always some put-off garden tasks which can be done first. This way, you can start off with a fresh clean canvas before you plan, plant and produce a knockout garden display.

Our very own Rob Smith has been providing you with some excellent garden lockdown jobs to start right now. Here’s a few to get you going:

  • Pick and dry your herbs to use throughout winter.
  • Cut back your Chilli plants to try and overwinter in the shed for a head start next year.
  • Keep your Kale healthy by removing rotten leaves.
  • Save your Geraniums and see if you can overwinter them to use next year.

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More to Grow and Sow Now

There are still plenty of flower and veg seeds to sow this lockdown but you just need to decide which ones you want to grow.

Veg seeds to Sow in November

Flower Seeds To Sow in November

Plant these hardy flowers now for a stunning display next year!

Treat Yourself to a New Set of Gardening Tools

This selection of gardening tools is going to help you clear away any pesky weeds, give you a hand when it comes to planting seeds and be your new best friend when you get digging.

Grow Your Own Houseplants and Herbs

There are ways to plant all year round and we have lined up some fantastic ways to get growing indoors which bring your home to life and offer a great option for small space gardens.

Lava Plant Punctatum Green Flame

Once upon a time, it emerged red hot – 700°C – from a volcano. Now there is a plant growing on the volcanic lava! A special natural combination. The plant ’embraces’ the lava with its roots. The lava stone provides support, moisture and nutrients. And of course, it’s a very decorative item to have at home.

Terrarium Bottle & Starter Kit

Start your terrarium growing experience on the right foot with our stunning purpose-designed terrarium bottles. The terrarium kit contains a bottle with cork as well as a telescopic shovel and rake so you can easily adjust the soil and plants through the narrow neck of the bottle to construct your own ecosystem.

It might be cold and frosty outside, but you can still produce your own herbs, salads, veggies and houseplants inside!

Bring Wildlife to Your Garden

Attract all kinds of wildlife to your garden and provide some major benefits to those who call it their home. It doesn’t take much to add a few animal-friendly additions to your garden and they can add charming features next to the pond or flowerbed or be a subtle safe haven tucked away amongst the bushes.

Hedgehog House

One of the greatest ways in which you can help out the hedgehog population is by placing a Hedgehog House in your garden. This provides a place for our nocturnal friends to escape from any outside dangers and cold weather, and to hibernate safely and comfortably. All you need to do is add leaves/straws to keep them warm and they will be very grateful for their new place to sleep, eat and bring up their hoglets. In return, you can watch their way of life which can be an entertaining and educational experience for all the family. 

Ladybird Lodge
Frog Pond

Say hello to the birds, bees, insects, hedgehogs, frogs and more!

Acorn Bird House
Peanut Butter House
Ceramic Bee Nester
Ceramic Bee Nester

Small Space Gardening

Step away from the four indoor walls and give your outside space some tlc no matter its size or shape. The opportunities are endless when it comes to outdoor decor and gardening equipment, whether you have a large garden, courtyard or garden wall, we have something which fits all.

You can get a little creative outdoors because modern features and quirky ornaments can make small spaces feel big and display a variety of your beloved flowers and tasty vegetables, flaunting your outside space at its best.

Plant Stands & Theatres

Plant stands and theatres can be be easily tucked away in a corner or be a knockout addition to your garden. Fill them up with your favourite plant collection and add some elegance to your outdoor space.

Corner Plant Stand

The Modern Corner Plant Stand is a contemporary and sophisticated way to display your much-loved plant collection or herb garden. This is a very versatile stand and can display more than just plants. If using indoors, it can be a fancy storage unit holding books, photo frames and interior ornaments. However, it will remain a striking feature wherever it goes and sits comfortably anywhere from a small patio, balcony or terrace, to the hallway, bedroom or bathroom. 

Painted Wooden Plant Theatre
Painted Wooden Plant Theatre

Stone Ornaments 

Check out these fantastic faces for all outdoor spaces!

Robins Nest

Feeling something fun and quirky in the garden? The Robin’s Nest decorative wall plaque will do just the trick! This smiling face with a lovely bird nest beard will make a fun addition to the garden wall or greenhouse. Treat yourself or someone special to this one-of-a-kind bearded wall plaque and transform your garden with charm and a smile. Full of personality and character, he might even make the robin’s take a second look!

Gold Garden Gnome

These cheeky fellas can’t wait to find new homes, let it be your garden! Place these fun gnomes out to watch your veg patch or pond or gift a gardener the greatest golden present of them all.

VegTrug and Grow Tables 

Easy ways to get growing, even in tight spaces!

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Grow Table

Create your own edible or floral garden, even with limited space, using the innovative Grow Table. Fill with compost and sow seeds, or transplant seedlings and plants, then pop on the Grow Table Lid (available separately) to create the ideal growing conditions for your plants.

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VegTrug Home Farm Kit

Space-saving growing solution. The VegTrug raised bed planter offers a stylish way to grow delicious salads and nutritious fresh vegetables on your patio, or in the garden.

Winter Wonderland

You can make your own winter wonderland in the garden this year and bring Christmas cheer all around your home. Our festive garden decorations will spread the Christmas spirit and can be brought outside year after year, giving you a magical Christmas garden to show off to the neighbours.

Its Time To Get Festive!

Pair of Robins

Add a splash of warmth and charm to brighten up your garden or bring the outdoors in with this plump pair of robins. These two chaps are a very realistic alternative to real robins visiting the garden, but these ones won’t fly away! Admire their kind and friendly nature up close and perch them on the windowsill or tabletop, and be assured they won’t cause any hassle at all.

Giant Metal Bauble with Star Design

This giant rustic ringing metal bauble will bring a touch of traditional Christmas style to your home or garden during the festive season. Choose from four different colours and display along the garden bushes, at your front door or along the patio wall.

Add a festive touch to your garden with our range of Christmas garlands and large ringing bells! Whatever outdoor space you have, create a warm and ambient tone anywhere from your window and porch to your garden bushes and patios.

Sparkling New Wreath

LED Wreath

LED Wreath

A delightful tradition across our homes, add some magic and joy to your front door with a LED Wreath. With warm white light producing a soft subtle glow, this makes the perfect welcome to the home at Christmas.

We hope this will inspire you to keep gardening and get busy outdoors this month!

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