What are you planning for your garden in 2021? Why not check out our exciting range of new plant varieties, which have been picked as our catalogue was going to press!

Our buyers have sourced a wide selection of new plants on the block that are patiently waiting for you to grow. And, because they are so new, you won’t be able to find them in our usual A-Z range. However, we will make sure you don’t miss out and bag the new plant varieties!

Like the ‘Clematis Little Lemons‘. It’s hard not to tell you about this one so soon, because it is instantly recognisable as a clematis tangutica variety. However, without the sprawling stems of its larger cousins! This is a super-dwarf plant with a neat, bushy habit. The short, 45cm (18″) long stems are cloaked in delicately cut, bright green foliage. A host of nodding, lemon-yellow blooms decorate this dwarf plant from May to September. Terminal buds are replaced by fluffy seed heads as the flowers fade. This provides a lovely textural display which extends the season of interest by several weeks.

This bright little Clematis isn’t the only new plant variety on the scene. But, before we get stuck in, let’s consider the new gardening season emerging on the horizon.

This year has enabled many people to discover and experience the solace in gardening. Along with the satisfying journey of growing and tending your own plants and produce. This provides a stunning garden and delicious plot to plate meals. If you are a beginner gardening interested in gardening activities next year, this a great time to check out our new varieties. However, if you are an experienced gardener, then take the plunge and put your skills to the test with something new.

We know that being a home gardener is more than just putting seeds in the ground. Having the chance to try and trial new plant varieties is one of many great benefits of gardening. We know that having the opportunity to grow something new and exciting in your very own garden is special, and creates more than just a new look.

It feels right that gardening and growing in 2021 should bring some enjoyment to your life. For this reason, no matter whether you grow from the windowsill, patio, balcony or have a large back garden.

New Plant Varieties

With this in mind, and the year 2021 very soon approaching, it’s time to get the pad and pen, or Dobies Gardening Catalogue, and start planning your plants ahead. With every garden different in shape, size and requirements for plants to thrive, our brand new varieties offer you different kinds of plants to grow.

Rudbeckia – Enchanted Embers

The mellow, burnt orange shades of each semi-double flower deepen as the blooms mature. This exceptional Rudbeckia has superb vigour, forming a well-branched plant that will fill a pot with ease. Additionally, these are versatile and easy to grow. Plant in a patio pot or grow it in beds and borders for colour that will last all summer.

Try a classic with a twist. These traditional garden flowers will bring a burst of colour to any outdoor space!

Cosmos – Cupcakes and Saucers Mix

This elegant blend of Cosmos brings together a variety of flower forms and gentle pastel shades. From the daisy-like blooms of traditional Cosmos to the unique, fused petals of Cosmos ‘Cupcakes’ and everything in between!

It’s Time for A New Collection

Phlox Collection (Creeping)

Carpet your garden in rich colour and keep weeds at bay with our perennial creeping phlox collection. Underplant trees, shrubs and tall perennials, soften path edging or cover awkward slopes and banks.

Rudbeckia – Enchanted Collection

A beguiling mix of semi-double Rudbeckias in four gorgeous colours: yellow, red, lime green and orange. Vigorous, bushy plants produce a multitude of blooms that gradually deepen in colour as they age. Grow in patio pots or plant them in beds and borders.

Why not grow a variety which cascades, trails or is just delightfully fragrant? These kinds produce unique and colourful blooms!

We hope you find something new to grow for 2021, and be sure to share your progress with us on our social media!

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