Try growing something new this year, like a fruit which tells you when it’s ripe! The Melon Mangomel is a breath of fresh air for 2021, with the sweetness of a mango at the size of a melon. That’s not all, we are here to tell you everything you need to know about it! From growing information to enjoying Mangomel in smoothies and soups.

There’s a New Melon on the Plot!

Are you keen to grow something new and different this year? How about introducing the sweet, fragrant and delicious Melon Mangomel to your plot! An exciting new type of melon that has undertones of mango when ripe! This large, creamy-yellow fruit is bursting with flavour and juice, plus they are delightfully aromatic. 

As if it couldn’t get any better, the Mangomel is also the melon that tells you when it’s ripe! The fruit colour visibly changes from grey/green to a creamy yellow to tell you it’s ready to enjoy. Mangomel produces around 4-6 fantastic fruit per plant. They are best grown in a greenhouse but could be grown on a sunny patio in the south of the UK or under a cloche.

This luscious fruit is also the front page of our Gardening Catalogue for 2021. Order a copy of our latest catalogue here.

Hold up! Mangomel isn’t the only new fruit plant at Dobies. We have a whole new range for you to try and trial this year!

Growing Information

Melon Mangomel is fun and super easy to grow! It arrives as three super plugs, so, remove the plants from the box as soon as they arrive. Check that the compost is adequately moist, watering if necessary with tepid water. Leave them on a shaded windowsill or in a greenhouse for a few hours to settle before further handling. This is ensuring a frost-free non-draughty situation.

Potting On – These plants should be potted on as soon as possible. But, they will keep quite well for 2–3 days if necessary. This is provided they are kept in a warm light place and are not allowed to dry out. Use 10cm (4″) pots and a good quality moist proprietary compost and set the plants so that the top of the root ball is level with the compost surface. After potting, give a thorough watering, but thereafter take care to avoid overwet conditions, particularly as the young plants become re-established.

Tasty Ways to Enjoy Melon Mangomel

This vibrant tropical fruit can be enjoyed in many ways when ripe. Besides being a tasty healthy snack, this can be a sweet addition on a fruit platter at breakfast or a delicious thirst quencher after a hard day on the plot! Although it tastes great by itself, you can also introduce Mangomel into your homecooked meals too! Why not try Mangomel in your soups, salads, smoothies and even curry! Plot to plate tastes great, and this is definitely a plant for foodies and homegrown cooks to try.

Rob Smith Range

Mangomel is new to the to the Rob Smith Range, alongside other fruits, exciting new vegetable and flower seed varieties guaranteed to produce fabulous results. Gardeners who enjoy discovering new varieties will be delighted with the New Rob Smith range, which is a personally curated collection from our horticulture expert, heritage vegetable enthusiast and guardian of heritage seeds.

The Rob Smith Fruit Collection contains special varieties that you’d be hard pushed to find in any greengrocer. Chosen especially for Dobies by Rob, the range features his own firm favourites that grow really well on an allotment and in a garden.

We hope you enjoy the Melon Mangomel this gardening season and be sure to keep us posted on our social media pages!

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