cut french beanscut french beans

Growing from beans seed is the most cost-effective way to achieve a tasty harvest. Given good conditions for germination, we are confident that you will be delighted with the results.

To help you achieve brilliant beans we have put together some hints and tips for growing climbing and runner beans below – these also work for tall peas and French beans!

Step 1

How To Prepare Your Plot For Growing Beans

Decide where you wish to grow your beans and dig a trench one spade deep and one space wide. Fill the trench with grass cuttings or kitchen food waste/manure. 2-4 weeks before sowing, refill the trench with the soil you previously removed and let it settle.

Digging over soil with a spade
Prepare the soil before planting your beans by digging in manure with a spade

Step 2

How To Sow Your Bean Seeds

Sow your bean seeds into modules or pots of good quality compost and keep indoors or in a warm greenhouse. Growing in modules and pots will help prevent mice eating newly sown seeds. Keep seeds warm and well watered.

broad bean seedlings in pots
Germinate your bean seeds in pots indoors using good quality seed compost

Step 3

How To Create Your Bean Plant Support

Create a structure from canes or hazel poles over the trench – or use a ready made bean tower. The upright supports should be spaced 30cm apart and pushed 30cm into the soil. Tie canes horizontally along the top to make the structure solid. If growing peas, add pea netting for them to climb up.

Plant one potted plant or module at each upright cane and water in well.

post and net support for beans
Support your growing bean plants with posts and netting

Step 4

Harvesting Your Beans

Keep picking beans every day as they are produced and before the seed is visible through the pod. Keep plants moist at all times.

Dwarf French beans are best grown in blocks 15cm apart, so neighbouring plants can hold each other upright. Climbing beans also grown well up wigwams in the ground or in large containers.

runner bean pods and flowers in the garden
Harvesting your own home grown beans feels so rewarding

Quick Guide To Growing Beans From Seed

  • Prepare your plot by digging a long trench and backfilling with well rotted manure before planting.
  • Sow your bean seeds in pots and keep indoors until they have their true leaves.
  • Support your growing bean plants with a bean frame made from netting and poles.
  • Pick your tender beans every day and remember to keep your plants moist during harvest time.

Top Tip

French Beans and Runner Beans freeze well if blanched first.

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