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Growing peas from seed is the most cost-effective way to achieve a tasty harvest and, given good conditions for germination, we are confident that you will be delighted with the results. To help you achieve success we have put together some hints and tips for growing!

Step 1

Sow Seeds

In the garden: sow your pea seeds direct into pre-watered soil by laying them out in a staggered/zigzag pattern, with each seed 5cm apart from its neighbours. Push the seeds into the soil, so they are 5cm deep.

In a coldframe or unheated greenhouse: sow your pea seeds in individual modules or sow seeds 10cm apart in an old drainpipe (cut in half along its length). This will prevent mice eating your newly sown seed.

sow pea seeds Dobies

Step 2

Plant Out

If sowing in the ground, skip to step 3.

If growing climbing varieties, see our How to Grown Beans blog for growing advice.

Once your plants are 5-10cm tall, dig a channel in the ground to fit the contents of your drainpipe. Slide the soil containing the seedlings out of the pipe and into the channel. For module-grown seedlings, make planting holes 10cm apart. Firm the plants in gently and water them well.

Step 3

Add Plant Supports

Push a few 40-60cm long twigs or small branches into the soil at either side of the pea plants. Be careful not to damage the plants or their roots! You can also use pea netting, so that plants can climb.

Step 4


As plants begin to produce pods, keep picking to encourage more to be produced. Keep the plants moist to help avoid powdery mildew.

Step 5


Pod peas as soon as possible after picking to ensure maximum sweetness. To store, blanch them before freezing.

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Top Tip

If sowing in the open ground, prevent mice from digging up the seeds by scattering prickly plant prunings (e.g. rose or hawthorn) over the veg bed.

This grow guide is for shorter pea varieties. Taller pea varieties should be grown like Climbing and Runner beans.

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