It has almost been a year since many of us have packed up our desks in the office and commuted home for one last time for the foreseeable future. Many of our home offices are becoming pretty permanent for the time being, and you can start styling your workspace whether you’re in the work office or working from home, with plants, decor and so much more.

Reconnect With Nature & Create A Therapeutic Space

Having a bit of a rejig and styling up your workspace is the perfect way to indulge yourself with nature. But also the therapeutic qualities each day when working from home or at the office. Enhancing the look of your office isn’t always easy, and it is often difficult to know where to start. Keep reading our blog because we have got plenty of #plantspiration for you. From indoor house plants and plant stands and to modern pots and interesting containers.

Purchasing your house plants and decor is one thing, but scheming the feel and aesthetic takes some consideration too. Here are some aspects to think about. What colour pallet do you want? Do you prefer minimalism or maximalism? Remember your shelves and floor/corner spaces too. There are many varieties of house plants and modern decor which are designed to ‘fit in’ and save space.

Expand Your Indoor Garden With Stylish House Plants

House plants bring the green indoors and help purify the air around. Here is a selection of interior inspiration and just a few out of the many house plants we provide!


To hit the ground running let’s talk about Terrariums. These have been around since Victorian times, having first been developed to bring plants back from around the globe. Such was the success, with the plants arriving in great condition, the idea soon caught on and many people had variations within their home. Start your terrarium growing experience on the right foot with our stunning range of purpose-designed terrarium bottles. The terrarium kit contains a bottle with cork as well as a telescopic shovel and rake so you can easily adjust the soil and plants through the narrow neck of the bottle to construct your own ecosystem.

Orchid Plant – Brassia Summer Dream

Sometimes you can’t beat a classic home Orchid. They add a burst of colour and interest to any room it lives in, and will happily live in a pot on any surface including the corner of the room on the floor. This particular kind is a striking easy-care orchid, with 3-7 intriguing white, brown and green blooms on one spike! The Spider Monkey Orchid is an unusual and highly desirable houseplant, with narrow petals that make its blooms resemble a spider.

Big Begonias

Begonias like these are perfect for large foliage house plants. This is a great option for coverage whether you pot them in the corner of a room or prop on a work surface. They grow best in a bright spot with shelter and all grow multi-coloured leaves.

Vibrant Streptocarpus Plants

These fabulous Streptocarpus plants grow an abundance of medium size flowers in a range of colours. They are an upright growing variety and produce a really neat indoor aesthetic. These kinds look great decorative planters on a desk or shelf because of their small size.

Prop Up a Plant Stand

If you gather yourself a variety of house plants, what better way to show them off than a decorative plant stand. Many of our stands fit perfectly in corners and hallways too!

Modern Corner Plant Stand 4 Shelf

The Modern Corner Plant Stand is a contemporary and sophisticated way to display your much-loved plant collection or herb garden. Crafted with high-quality steel, it has four shelves of four heights offering many attractive surfaces to position your plants and pots. With a durable structure, it is frostproof and UVA resistant, so suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It has been specially designed to save space and fit into the corner of any outdoor space or indoor room.

This is a very versatile stand and can display more than just plants. If using indoors, it can be a fancy storage unit holding books, photo frames and interior ornaments. However, it will remain a striking feature wherever it goes and sits comfortably anywhere from a small patio, balcony or terrace, to the hallway, bedroom or bathroom. Create your own beautiful display amongst the four sturdy shelves which blend effortlessly with any interior and exterior decor and provide an innovative attractive feature to every home or garden.

Folding Plant Stand – 4 Shelf

This ornate Folding Plant Stand has been crafted in black metal and has four shelves of four heights to display a range of your plant collection. Show off your collection or herb garden to friends and family using this sophisticated display and spread your plants, photo frames, books and home ornaments across this spacious four tiered plant ladder. This elegant stand simply folds flat and can be swiftly transported and easily stored away.

With a delicately swirled metal frame and wired shelves, this Folding Plant Stand is a stunning interior aesthetic and can be used to store your plant collection or herb garden in the home, conservatory or greenhouse too. Alternatively, use as a fancy storage unit and fill up free space with pots, pans or toiletries, and place in the kitchen, bathroom, hallway, or bedroom.

Plant Theatres

There’s no better way to organise and display your favourite flowers or herbs than with our elegant Plant Theatres. Inspired by the original 17th and 18th century auricula theatres, these beautifully made and highly practical three-tier folding shelving units can be used free standing or wall mounted (fixings not included), indoors or outside. Choose from two attractive designs. Supplied flat packed, they’re quick and easy to erect.

Modern Pots & Interesting Containers

The right decorative pot can really show off your plants and we have a massive selection of shapes, sizes and materials to choose from, including classic terracotta, stone and manmade.

Buddha Flower Pot

Add a touch of zen and serenity to any interior with the cement planter Buddha Flower Pot. If you are looking to make your home or work office a place of zen, this is a great place to start. It will hold a lovely growing flower and smile at you all day long!

Oslo Planters – Blue

Add drama to your décor with house plants all around the home and make the most of this huge trend in interiors. Showcase a dramatic plant with a statement pot, like this gorgeous blue Oslo indoor plant pot. Oslo is a very tactile plant pot design, deeply ridged in the upper part to catch the subtly crackled glaze in bands of deep colour for a unique look. The rich deep blue is a key accent colour, a recent Pantone Colour of the Year and perfect for bringing a splash of colour to any room.

At 17cm in diameter, this glazed indoor planter is big enough to hold a large houseplant for real impact. Crafted in stoneware, the Oslo plant pot has foam pads on the base to protect your furniture.

Bamboo and Rice Pots, Saucers and Seed Trays

It’s easier than ever to decrease the amount of plastic you use, thanks to our range of bamboo and rice plant pots, saucers and seed trays. These Bamboo Seed Trays and Pots are made from sustainable bamboo fibre, rice starch and resin made from naturally occurring organic compounds, and free from petroleum-based plastics and BPA. They can be used year after year, and when you need to dispose of them, they can be shredded and put on the compost heap. 5” & 6” Pots and Saucers are available in two colours – traditional terracotta and sage green. 

Oval Planter Loop

Inspired by the endless process of nature looping around the flower pots. This Oval Planter Loop is most beautiful and elegant, and has 3 years warranty too. Perfect for placing on a worktop or desk.

Some Elegant Grey Pots

Hanging Signs Interior Decor

Sometimes to spruce up the office you just need a good gardening pun and witty decorative sign. Here is our selection!

We hope you have found our selection of house plants and decorative planters inspiring and you are able to transform your office at home or work into a space that is relaxing. Whatever you doing on plot, or indoors, make sure to share your gardening activities on our social media pages!

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