Plants to pack a real punch in the garden available as 9cm or large 2-litre potted plants!

Dobies brings your brilliant new re-blooming flower plants for months of colour in the garden, including the world’s first re-flowering Armeria!

Available as 9cm or large 2-litre potted plants, your garden with be burgeoning with blooms in no time – and for months on end!

Daydreamboats and Pretticoats

The colours of these breeding breakthroughs range from delicate peach to mid-pink and are sure to perk up your patio pots and borders with their stunning looks.

The World’s First Repeat Flowering Armeria!

This new breakthrough in breeding brings the first repeat flowering Armeria to the market! It’s taken over 10 years to produce this amazing Armeria, which boasts masses of pretty pink blooms for around 6 months.

Sensational Flowers from Summer to Early Autumn

Whilst other Armeria stop flowering after the first great flurry, Armeria Dreameria® Daydream will continue to bloom with masses of lovely mid pink coloured flowers repeatedly through the summer and into early autumn.
It makes a great introduction for an abundance of colour towards the front of borders, patio containers, rockeries or even within gravel paths.

Armeria Dreameria® Daydream

Code: 20 02 94
1 x 2-Litre Potted Plant

Code: 20 02 95
3 x 2-Litre Potted Plants
£26.00 RRP £38.97 SAVE 33% 

Introducing Gorgeous  Geum Pretticoats Peach

This stunning new Geum variety has beautiful semi-double, slightly frilly, peach flowers and it continues to rebloom for many months separating it from many other Geum varieties.

Fill Your Garden with Frilly Flowers!

With their pretty frilly flowers, neat and compact habit Geum Pretticoats Peach are perfect for a patio container or in the garden border, plus they’re really easy to care for.

Romantic Peach-Coloured, Semi-Double Blooms

Geum Pretticoats Peach produces huge number of flowers over the seasons, blooming in spring and again through summer and into autumn. 

Geum Pretticoats Peach

Code: 20 02 73
1 x 9cm Potted Plant

Code: 20 02 74
3 x 9cm Potted Plants
£24.00 RRP£32.97 SAVE 27%

Code: 20 02 92
1 x 2-Litre Potted Plant

Code: 20 02 93
3 x 2-Litre Potted Plants
£26.00 RRP£38.97 SAVE 33%

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