‘Pedigree’ by Bulldog – when only the best will do!

Dobies gardening specialists have introduced ‘Pedigree’, a new generation of garden tools brought to you by makers British Bulldog. With 235 years of heritage, craftmanship and manufacturing under their belt these won’t disappoint when it comes to getting the job done!

As you put gardening plans into action over the Easter break these tools arrive in perfect time, making sure you achieve all your gardening goals. Whether it’s prepping flower beds, planting in the veg plot or doing some spring pruning, you’ll find the right tool here.

The Bulldog Pedigree range boasts 30 innovative, high-quality tools, featuring strength, elegance, good looks and design performance matter in equal measure, these really do represent the crème de la crème of garden tools!

Loosen compacted soil with this stainless steel digging fork, spread compost over your beds and lift piles of leafy prunings.

Stainless Steel Digging Fork
Code: 59 96 71
Height 102cm x 18cm wide
Handle length 71cm
Weight 1960g

Buy quality, buy once!

The large selection of hand tools includes the stainless-steel transplanting trowel – with its graduated measurement gauge it’s ideal when planting in the garden and in containers. The measurements are perfect when deciding how deep a bulb or plant should go in the soil, achieving just the right depth with no mistakes.

The shaft and handle are made from sustainably sourced and quality checked FSC certified Ash. The handle is also capped for extra strength and the strapped socket is double riveted for increased durability to provide a lifetime of use and therefore comes with a lifetime guarantee. Made from famously strong lightweight stainless steel which easily exceeds the bend test of 210lbs – above British Standards.

Stainless Steel Transplanting Trowel
Code: 59 97 09
 Length 33cm x 7cm wide
Weight 400g

The full range includes a fabulous selection of garden hand tools and seven tools for cutting and pruning.

When it comes to high-quality, we can’t pass our Sneeboer range by…

Literally ‘claw’ back control of your garden with the Sneeboer hand cultivator, a fearsome, three-tined hand tool which is perfectly designed for loosening border and vegetable patch soil prior to planting. It is equally adept at removing weeds and other unwanted plants and debris. Vital statistics: the three stainless steel tines are sharpened to a point.

Hand Cultivator
Code: 59 97 07
Cherry wood 22 cm handle

At Dobies, we stock a superb range of excellent garden equipment and tools from the essentials to more specialist and luxury items. You can find everything from trowels and spades to powered hedge cutters and leaf blowers, greenhouses and raised beds to hose reels and water butts and much more.

Choose our top-quality garden tools online and we’ll deliver them direct to your front door, making it so easy to grab everything you need to cultivate and maintain your garden, however large or small…

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