Over the past year, many of us have found the solace in gardening but space can be tight. This can be really frustrating, but there are other ways to grow your own produce from places like your windowsill, on the patio and in small limited gardens.

Nowadays, you don’t need a large garden or allotment to grow your own vegetables at home. Plot to plate can happen in many growing conditions, and Dobies has a varied range of vegetable seeds for small veg gardens. This includes a variety of herbs, peppers, tomatoes and much more. So don’t fret if you think you can’t grow your own produce, because there are plenty of growing options you can try which we are going to run through in our blog.

From growing indoors to the patio and windowsill, you can find somewhere and something which will work for you! And, if you plan to grow vegetables in a small garden, pots, or containers, try seed tapes to maximise your results. There are going to be plenty of handy tips like this throughout the blog! We are also going to look at a selection of veg and flowers you can grow in small space gardens at the end.

Indoor Growing

How about becoming an indoor gardener? There are ways to plant all year round and we have lined up some fantastic ways to get growing indoors which bring your home to life and offer a great option for small space gardens.

Lava Plant Punctatum Green Flame

Once upon a time, it emerged red hot – 700°C – from a volcano. Now there is a plant growing on the volcanic lava! A special natural combination.

The plant ’embraces’ the lava with its roots.

The lava stone provides support, moisture and nutrients. And of course, it’s a very decorative item to have at home.

Terrarium Bottle & Starter Kit

Start your terrarium growing experience on the right foot with our stunning purpose-designed terrarium bottles.

The terrarium kit contains a bottle with cork as well as a telescopic shovel and rake.

So, you can easily adjust the soil and plants through the narrow neck of the bottle to construct your own ecosystem.

Grow your own herbs, salads, veggies and houseplants inside with a little lighting help!

How About Some New Houseplants?

Bring your garden into your home with a range of indoor garden and house plants. From large to small house plants, we help you create the perfect finishing touch to an indoor space.

Windowsill Growing

Don’t miss out on growing your own vegetables just because you don’t have a garden! Growing herbs and salads on your windowsill garden mean you can enjoy a constant supply of your own produce. One of the best ways to grow herbs is indoors in a windowsill garden. It keeps your herbs warm and, when positioned in your kitchen, means your herbs are close to-hand for cooking too!

Herb Seeds

Expand your kitchen garden and grow your own super easy Herbs with Dobies. Even better, when grown in your own kitchen windowsill, varieties like Basil can be picked straight off the leaves while you’re cooking. Other varieties like Sage and Chives grow well in pots and containers on the patio or balcony, so whatever shape of size of your veg patch, you don’t need a garden or allotment to grow Dobies Herb Seeds.

Herbs are used in a range of scenarios, from culinary, to the medical or just the aroma in the garden. Culinary herbs like Parsley and Chives introduce rich flavours to many dishes, whereas Lavender provides deep aromatics and therapeutic qualities. If you want to add structure to your allotment or have an empty space to fill in the garden, Rosemary and Thyme add character but their versatility means they can also be grown in containers and gardens.

Salad Seeds

Salads aren’t just about lettuce, and with Dobies range of Salad seeds you could be growing all kinds of veggies and leafs to add to your homegrown salad. It’s super easy to grow your own salad leaves and veg additions, and you can try more exotic varieties that you can’t buy from the supermarket shelf.

As there is so much more that you can add to a salad to make them taste great, why not try ‘Onion Salad’ seeds for texture and crunch or ‘Sungold’ tomatoes for a burst of sweet flavour. For the leaves, have a taste of Italy with ‘Italian’ leaf seeds or grow classic ‘Wild Rocket’.

Growing your own salad at home provides delicious and fresh flavours, with a much cheaper price tag all year round.

Mushroom Windowsill Kit – Yellow Oyster

Our Windowsill Mushroom Kits will allow anyone to grow Yellow Oyster mushrooms from their very own windowsill. Handfuls of these delicious mushrooms will be just clutches away from your favourite dish.

Yellow Oyster is an attractive yellow variety of the popular oyster mushroom variety. A bitter taste when raw but, when cooked they become velvety crisp with a well-balanced nutty flavour. Yellow Oysters are completely versatile and make a great addition to stir-fries, pizza toppings, or cooked and served on toast.

Patio Gardening

If you have a patio, then this a great space to grow a range of climbing flowers and delicious vegetables. However, you also have some handy outdoor space to add some containers, planters and modern furniture to support and show off your produce! The opportunities are endless when it comes to outdoor decor and gardening equipment, whether you have a large garden, courtyard or garden wall, we have something which fits all. You can get a little creative outdoors because modern features and quirky ornaments can make small spaces feel big and display a variety of your beloved flowers and tasty vegetables, flaunting your outside space at its best.

Plant Stands & Theatres

Plant stands and theatres can be easily tucked away in a corner or be a knockout addition to your garden. Fill them up with your favourite plant collection and add some elegance to your outdoor space.

Corner Plant Stand

The Modern Corner Plant Stand is a contemporary and sophisticated way to display your much-loved plant collection or herb garden. This is a very versatile stand and can display more than just plants. If using indoors, it can be a fancy storage unit holding books, photo frames and interior ornaments. However, it will remain a striking feature wherever it goes and sits comfortably anywhere from a small patio, balcony or terrace, to the hallway, bedroom or bathroom. 

Patio & Small Garden Veg Plants Range

Our patio and balcony veg plants are specially chosen for growing in containers in a limited space, so everyone can enjoy delicious homegrown crops no matter how little outdoor room they have.

Patio & Small Space Garden Flower Plants

Container plants, in pots and tubs, are a terrific way to add interest and focus to your garden, ideal if you only have a small outdoor courtyard or patio. It’s important to follow a few simple routines to care for them to ensure the best displays through the summer months. Choose the position for your container according to the plants that are in it. A lot like a spot in full sun that’s sheltered from winds, but others prefer a shadier place – check the label. Containers do need regular watering, sometimes twice a day in hot weather, and if you deadhead the flowers, more will replace them.

Flowers for Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets can be filled with a glorious selection of vibrant plants to make a wonderful show. Our selection spans all shapes, sizes and colours to suit your preferences – from bright and perky primroses to stylish begonias and spectacular lotus vines.

Small Space Gardening Advice

  • Put your patios to work – Add hanging baskets, add a planter and make your own gardening corner!
  • Raised Beds – Make or buy a raised bed, this is basically a veg patch in itself! here’s a guide to making your own.
  • Window boxes – Great for balconies and don’t take up much space. Flowers are perfect for growing in these.
  • Vertical gardening – Ever thought about gardening in gutters or adding a garden trellis? There are all sorts of ways to garden vertically, read here!
  • Use height – Opt for a climbing plant to get the full impact out of your garden walls and fences!
  • Expand your container collection – There are containers of all shapes and sizes, so there’s no need to stick to the basics. View our decorative collection here.
  • Pick the right plants – Choose plants that thrive in containers and veg which don’t need much space to grow!
We hope you find some new ideas for gardening in your small space gardens or indoors. Nowadays, most of our products and equipment are adjustable to container growing and small spaces, so keep checking our website and blog for new small space gardening ideas!
Whatever you doing on plot, or indoors, make sure to share your gardening activities on our social media pages!

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