Grow generous crops of tasty courgettes however large or small your plot!

Supplied as large, 2-litre peat-free potted plants, Courgette ‘Goldmine’ and ‘Sure Thing’ are exciting new additions to the Dobies range for confident cropping whatever the weather!

Grow Your Own Goldmine!

The first self-setting golden courgette! Courgette Plants ‘Goldmine’ are colourful, tasty fruits that are easy to grow and self-pollinating, which means heavier crops, even in poor summers!

A big crop of golden goodness –  whatever the weather!

Courgette ‘Goldmine’ is fully parthenocarpic, meaning it can set fruit without insects for pollination – a first in yellow courgettes! The gorgeous golden fruits with pale cream stripes and white flesh look fantastic when they’re growing and when sliced on your plate. Some parts of the flowers are edible too.

Prickle-free picking

‘Goldmine’ has an open habit and spineless stems for easier picking. A Goldmine of crops of golden courgettes will be yours from July to September but first you can dine on its flowers, which attract bees and are formed from June to August.

Courgette Plants Goldmine

Supplied large plants in 2-litre pots and grown in peat-free compost.

Code: 20 02 32
1 x 2-Litre Potted Plant
Plant: May to June
Harvest: July to September

Perfect for a small garden or greenhouse!

Aptly named Courgette ‘Sure Thing’ needs no insects for pollination, so you’ll always get a good crop of tasty fruit!
Versatile ‘Sure Thing’ is ideal for a pots on the patio or balcony, beds and borders, or in the greenhouse. Grow yours with 60cm between plants to give them room to grow and you’ll be harvesting delicious green courgettes from July to September.

Courgette Plant – Sure Thing
Code: 20 02 34
1 x 2-Litre Potted Plant
Plant: May to June
Harvest: July to September

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