Compost with organic mattter on surface

Professional quality, sustainable and RHS-endorsed

Melcourt leads the way with this new range of nine professional-quality sustainable products, which are all RHS-endorsed. Here you will find everything from multipurpose compost to lawn dressing – products perfect for gardeners passionate about both their garden and their planet. This is the range for all discerning gardeners to choose; made to a standard and not to a price point, SylvaGrow is the future of compost.

RHS-endorsed products for growing success

Introducing RHS SylvaGrow, a unique blend of fine bark, wood fibre (biproducts of sustainably managed British forests) and coir (from a single known source), plus sterilised loam and sand. It contains balanced nutrients sufficient for the first 4-6 weeks of growth. SylvaGrow does not contain peat or green waste compost.

SylvaGrow Compost Collection
There are SylvaGrow compost solutions for all stages of gardening
Image: RHS SylvaGrow Collection

Is SylvaGrow compost peat-free?

Choose from a variety of six sustainable peat-free growing mediums – all based on the blend above and used by professional organic growers throughout the UK. Each suitable for a range of growing applications from raising seeds and cuttings, potting on and planting out.

RHS SylvaGrow Multipurpose Compost
1 x 50-Litre Bag
Code: 59 31 27

RHS SylvaGrow Multipurpose Compost with added John Innes
1 x 50-Litre Bag
Code: 59 31 28

RHS SylvaGrow Ericaceous Compost
50-Litre Bag
Code: 59 31 29

RHS SylvaGrow peat-free planter for organic growing
45-Litre Bag
Code: 59 31 31

RHS Topsoil Blended Loam
20-Litre (0.6msq) Bag
Code: 59 31 32

Different SylvaGrow compost varieties

The organic option

RHS SylvaGrow peat-free planter for organic growing
RHS SylvaGrow peat-free planter for organic growing
1 x 45-Litre Bag
Code: 59 31 31

RHS SylvaGrow peat-free planter for organic growing is based on a professional formulation which gives growing success every time. Grow superb tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, herbs, strawberries and much more, safe in the knowledge that you’re gardening organically.

Mulch & more!

SylvaBark Pine Bark Mini Mulch
Pine Bark Mini Mulch
Code: 78 33 84
1 x 50-Litre Bag
Code: 78 33 85
2 x 50-Litre Bags

SylvaBark Pine Bark Mini Mulch is high-quality, attractive, rich brown coloured screened bark mulch perfect to suppress weeds and retain moisture. Dry and pleasant to handle, this is ideal for pots, planters, window boxes, tubs and borders, whilst being 100% peat free and contains no green waste. With its flake size of 3-18mm, this resembles cocoa shells in appearance. As well as being RHS endorsed this is also Forest Stewardship Council certified C007729.

RHS SylvaGrow Farmyard Manure
RHS SylvaGrow Farmyard Manure
1 x 50-Litre Bag
Code: 59 31 33

RHS SylvaGrow Farmyard Manure provides a rich source of organic matter which enhances fertility, increases yields and aids the water-holding capacity of soils. This well-rotted farmyard manure can be used all around the garden for adding essential organic matter and nutrients to soils. Improving the soil structure and its workability enhancing the water-holding capacity of the soil.

Improve your lawn condition

RHS Lawn Dressing
RHS Lawn Dressing
1 x 15-Litre (0.6msq) Bag
Code: 59 31 34 £19.99

RHS Lawn Dressing is ideal for improving the quality and health of your lawn, smoothing away uneven surfaces, and reducing thatch. Featuring a very fine blend of loam and sand this can be used to improve growth and the colour of your lawn when applied after scarifying or seeding. With nominal particles sized 0-6mm it’s easy to spread using simple garden tools.

Compost for different uses in the garden

  • Looking for a general, good multi-purpose garden compost?
    RHS SylvaGrow Multipurpose Compost or RHS SylvaGrow Multipurpose Compost with added John Innes
  • Want an organic matter compost choice that will help increase yield?
    RHS SylvaGrow Farmyard Manure 
  • Growing lime-hating plants? 
    Use RHS SylvaGrow Ericaceous Compost
  • Want to suppress weeds in pots, planters, borders or tubs? 
    Use SylvaBark Pine Bark Mini Mulch

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