December Newsletter

Depending on whether you go by the meteorogical or astronomical calendar, winter will arrive on either the 1st or the 21st of December. Some parts of the country saw snow in November whilst here in Devon I’m typing this with the back door wide open to a glorious sunny afternoon. However, winter will definitely arrive across the whole of the UK this month. As, of course, with Christmas!

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november newsletter

November Newsletter

This can be one of the wettest months so make the most of any decent gardening days. Certainly, with the clocks having changed daylight is at a premium.

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How to Plant Spring Bulbs

The appearance of early spring flowers is when many of us breathe a sigh of relief. The dark days of winter are nearly over. Be they dancing daffodils, pure snowdrops or vibrant tulips, spring bulbs bring a welcome promise of longer, warmer days.

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October newsletter

October Newsletter

Autumn has arrived, with all its mellow fruitfulness. A time for autumn digging and moving tender plants under cover before the first frosts arrive.

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How Tomato Ailsa Craig Was Named

Waiting my turn at the dentist recently I was surprised when they called the name of the next patient. “Ailsa Craig” was not however my expected shiny red tomato but a very smartly dressed woman. I wonder how many other waiting patients thought the same as me? Or were they perhaps thinking Scottish islands and onions?

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