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Dobies Group Scheme Offers Discounts

Dobies Group Scheme offers generous discounts to allotment groups, garden clubs and societies

Members of amateur gardening clubs can benefit from the generous discounts offered by the Dobies Group Scheme. And remember, our seeds are already cheaper than many other suppliers!

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Rhubarb, Rhubarb, Rhubarb!

Rhubarb is almost indestructible and once established will become your most reliable cropping spring vegetable. Because it so often eaten as a pud we tend to think of rhubarb as a fruit. Perhaps its dual role earns it the right of being a vegetable, that is also an honorary fruit.

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Dobies Vegetable Garden Planner

Dobies Vegetable Garden Planner is the best way to plan your vegetable garden or allotment.

Those wet days when you know it’s best to keep off the garden are the perfect time to start planning. Planning what veg to grow, how many and where, during the year ahead. Sure, you can do this in a notebook, carefully drawing your plot to scale and rubbing out as you change your mind. However, there is a simpler and better way.

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November Newsletter

Remember, remember, the joys of November.

Apologies to whoever wrote the original verse but November is about so much more than bonfires and gunpowder. Autumn has taken hold and trees and shrubs are now providing the colour in our gardens. Kale, cabbages, beetroot and sprouts are holding court in the veg garden and the crab apples are begging to be picked and turned into jewel-coloured jelly.

The days may be short and the nights long but as with every other month November brings with it many treasures and plenty of gardening jobs!


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Overwintering Dahlias

Overwintering dahlias is worth doing correctly to ensure that next year you can again enjoy the colourful blooms. Dependant on whereabouts you live your dahlias are probably looking pretty untidy by now. There may still be the odd bloom hanging on but the plants will have lost all signs of vigour and life. But, it’s still too soon to cut them down!

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