Green Manure2

Why Grow Green Manures?

The reason for sowing and growing green manures is that they are an easy and environmentally friendly way of improving both soil fertility and the organic content. Grow them on any vacant patch of garden at any time of year however they are most effective when sown in autumn and left over winter.

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Growing Wallflowers

Wallflowers are both easy to grow and hardy. These cottage garden biennial favourites have deservedly graced our gardens for many years. Not only do the jewel colours brighten a dull day but the evening perfume is an added delight.

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Recipes for a Cucumber Glut

Judging from customer feedback and the fact that my own plants are groaning under the weight of fruit, this seems to be the year of the cucumber glut. One of the healthiest of foods this low calorie food is packed with vitamins and is high in antioxidants. Being made from 95% water cucumbers are also a great hydrator on a hot day. Hence “She’s/He’s as cool as a cucumber.”

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August Newsletter 2016

August is payback time. All that hard work done earlier in the year has resulted in cut flowers adorning the house and fruit and veg being harvested for wonderful meals. What can be better than an alfresco meal of home-grown salad, veg and fruit eaten with friends and family in your own colourful garden?

Whilst podding your peas, making your jam or oven drying your tomatoes why not have a browse through our latest free catalogues? Available from early August are our Kitchen Garden and Bulb Catalogues. If you haven’t received yours by the 12th August, please get in touch and we’ll rush them to you. With every bulb order placed we’ll include 15 free daffodil bulbs!

  • Keep pinching out the side shoots on cordon tomatoes and harvest the fruits when ripe. This will encourage other fruits to mature and ripen.
  • Maintain your watering and feeding regime. If you’re going on holiday, ask a neighbour or friend to pop by and do it for you. In return they can help themselves!
  • If the weather is very hot and dry, then the lawn is best left alone but if you really need to cut it then lift the mower’s blades to their highest setting. Leave the clippings on the ground to act as a mulch.
  • Order onion sets, shallots and garlic for autumn planting
  • Sow herb seeds in pots to harvest from the kitchen windowsill in autumn.

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Cucumbers are so easy to grow with outdoor ones readily available plus small varieties suitable for hanging baskets. So no doubt many of us will be experiencing a cucumber glut this August. Later this month our blog will give some ideas of ways to deal with this glut but for starters here’s some quick suggestions. Cucumber works well with: Continue Reading


Almapaprika for Homemade Paprika

Almapaprika is a wonderful  sweet pepper and as the name  suggests is the source of the versatile spice, paprika.

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