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Dobies Plant Nursery at Paignton

After weeks of sunshine I’m not quite sure why I visited the Dobies plant nursery on the first rainy day, but I did. Did I say rain? It was more like a monsoon. Thunder was rolling around the Devon hills and low cloud obscured the view down to the coast. But, the weather was soon forgotten as there was so much of interest to see.

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Dobies Seed Catalogue

Dobies Confirmed as Best Value Supplier

We have good news about our vegetable seed that we’d like to share with all our valued customers. News that reinforces the decision you made in choosing Dobies as the supplier of your seed.

The consumer product testing company Which? has just published the results of their latest survey into the quality of vegetable seed. The survey investigated the 12 most widely used and well-known seed suppliers and we are delighted to say that Dobies came out on top.

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Sweet Pea Seeds - Old Fashioned Mixed

Sweet Peas

One of our most popular annual flowers summer just wouldn’t be complete without sweet peas growing happily somewhere in the garden. The wonderful range of colours and heady scent makes them a firm favourite of many.

Originating in the eastern Mediterranean sweet peas were first cultivated in England in the 17th century by Henry Eckford, a member of the RHS. We now have about 160 different species with plants available in every colour bar yellow. For some reason yellow has remained elusive but breeders are working hard to put this right.

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Dobies Magic Bean Competition Results!

Dobies prize winning beans competition. Winners announced in true pantomime style!

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