Many Dobies customers are now keeping chickens and so we’re launching our own range of everything both needed and wanted. We can provide a one-stop-shop solution, supplying everything from housing and bedding to electric fencing, feed and incubators. The only thing we don’t currently supply are the chickens themselves but we’re working on that, so watch this space!

Why buy from Dobies? Because we have carefully selected a comprehensive range of quality products which we will deliver to your door. Plus, we will share chicken chat and advice with you through regular updates, blogs and newsletters.

Do you already have a flock of chickens? Then Dobies can supply your feed and health and hygiene products. Plus, replacement and innovative equipment as needed

Are you new to wonderful world of chickens? Then check out our starter kits and let us help you to gain experience and fun from your new pets.

So, why are so many people now keeping a few hens in the garden or “down the allotment”? Animal welfare issues, concerns over pesticides and antibiotics plus a desire for a slice of the good life are amongst the reasons for the increase and the benefits are many.

What’s the Benefit in Keeping Chickens?

Eggs – Perhaps the most obvious of benefits! In the same way that your homegrown veg tastes better than shop bought eggs from your own hens will be very superior. They will be fresher, with strong shells, orangey-yellow yokes and thick whites and you will be confident that they came from happy hens.

Pest Control – Chickens free ranging in the flower garden can cause mayhem but use them as part of your vegetable plot rotation system and they’ll work hard for you. Not only will they dig up perennial weeds but they’ll eat bugs, larvae and caterpillars whilst simultaneously fertilising the soil!

Manure – When cleaning out your chickens add the waste to your compost heap. It will rot down to form a wonderful free fertiliser.

Entertainment – Chickens make great pets, both for adults and children.

Cheap (not cheep!) – Chickens are relatively cheap to buy and to look after. Once you’ve bought their house, fencing and a few other items of essential equipment you will just need to buy feed and a few health and hygiene items.

Meat – Breeds suitable both for both laying and for the table are referred to as being dual purpose. Rearing and eventually eating your own birds is one way of ensuring that the food on your table comes from a high welfare, happy creature. Just don’t give them names!

Your chickens’ basic needs are pretty much the same as any other creature – to have shelter, be kept safe, fed, watered, entertained and treated when ill.  Our aim here at Dobies is to supply you with quality products to meet those needs and so to allow you to gain the maximum benefits and pleasure from your flock. However large or small.

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