Some plants seem to be like marmite but I didn’t think that the fuchsia fell into that category. It seems that perhaps they do. Yesterday I visited nursery and was amazed to see a stunning sea of pink blooming Fuchsia Pink Panther awaiting new homes.

Fuchsias were first discovered on a Caribbean island back in the late 1600s. There are now 122 species and thousands of different varieties. Some, like maginellica, are grown for hedging, others for bedding and hanging baskets. Some are grown as standard specimen plants and others simply bloom each year in and amongst border perennials.

So, more people must surely love fuchsias than loathe them? Then, I really cannot fathom why we still have Fuchsia Pink Panther plants left sitting on the nursery shelf?


This is a hardy perennial, happy to grow in full sun or partial shade. It will flower repeatedly throughout the summer and is attractive to both bees and butterflies. With an upright yet trailing form Fuchsia Pink Panther is perfect for either a hanging basket or container. Three plants in one container would create a simply stunning display, giving maximum impact. The showy pink single corolla have pink/white, slightly flared sepals.

Pink and grey are colours that work beautifully well together. This makes the Tutch Ball Planter Pot possibly the ideal container for Fuchsia Pink Panther. Looking like stone yet being light and easy to manoeuvre the Pot comes with a 10-year guarantee so although on the pricey seed will earn its keep. But of course, you may already have a suitable pot sitting empty.

If like me, you are a Fuchsia lover then I urge you to take a look at the Pink Panther. We’re selling the 1 litre potted plants for £3.99! Having seen the plants just yesterday I cannot believe the price, in other places the price would be double. And yes, in case you are wondering, I have bought some!

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