Dobies really delivers with new for 2021 to the Rob Smith Range, Nasturtium Seeds – Baby Orange, this citrus sensation really does have all the answers!

This super cute, award-winning Nasturtium has it all, featuring a multitude of uses in the garden from ornamental to edible and makes the perfect companion plant for the vegetable patch too!

nasturtium baby orange

Code: 41 69 94
Sow: Late March to June
Flowers: Late June to October

A neat ‘n’ tidy winner!

Nasturtium Baby Orange is a breakthrough in Nasturtium breeding and a Fleuroselect Winner for 2020!

A truly beautiful variety, creating a ball-like habit that is covered in gorgeous flowers, rather than an untidy mess, makes for a winning combination!

Terrific tangerine flowers!

rob smith nasturtium

Protect your veg the natural way!

Nasturtium Baby Orange does a fantastic job of keeping butterflies and black fly away from your crops of brassicas and beans as it works as a natural deterrent.

Perfect to grow in the corners of your veg beds as it won’t take over or swamp your veg. You could even grow Baby Orange in old buckets, with a few holes for drainage, then you can easily move plants around the plot to help protect your various vegetable crops at any given time.

A deliciously decorative finish for a salad!

Leaves and petals can be added to salads for a fresh zesty flash of colour and additional texture whilst seedpods can be pickled and used like capers.
Leaves, flowers and seed pods have a peppery taste, great added to salads and omelettes.

Also joining the Rob Smith Range and a winner in a salad…

Allium Seed Cernuum

rob smith allium

Code: 41 43 82
Sow: January to March
Flowers: Late June to August

Use leaves and flowers just like chives!

A beautiful clump-forming perennial producing open clusters of ‘nodding’ blooms, almost like mini chandeliers!

Flowers are a pretty shade of baby pink with protruding white stamens.
A native to the Great Lakes in the USA and Canada, where they use the leaves just like chives. The flowers are also edible with a chive/garlic taste, perfect in a summer salad.

We hope you enjoy the new varieties on offer this year from the personally curated Rob Smith Range! Rob has a real passion for gardening and these varieties that have stood the test of time and produce amazing crops.

You can follow Rob on his Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with the best tips and tricks in the business!

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