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In Praise of Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes are the tiny, sometimes grape-sized, tomatoes much loved by adults and children alike. They tend to be sweeter than other types and are suitable for adding whole to salads, roasting or simply eating fresh from the plant. In addition to trusty favourite varieties we are introducing some exciting new cherry tomatoes this year. Not just for the sake of it but because they are an improvement on what came before.
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Blight Resistant Tomatoes – Crimson Crush

Back in 2015 we launched a revolution in blight resistant tomatoes – Crimson Crush. Many allotment holders and gardeners had long since stopped growing outdoor tomatoes due to the disappointment of seeing their crop devastated by blight. Crimson Crush is a proven answer and for 2017 we are extending this blight resistant tomato family.

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Dobies Christmas Gardening Quiz

The Dobies Christmas Gardening Quiz is perfect for when there’s nothing on the TV and its too cold to go for a walk. Just settle down in a comfy chair and have a go at the gardening related (sort of!) questions. Good luck!

Christmas Gardens – Inside and Out

1. How are Hellebore seeds spread?

2. When snow settles what effect does it have on the soil below?

3. What Christmas plant grows high up on the branches of a host tree?

4. Which Christmas houseplant is famed for its colourful bracts?

5. English Ivy (Ilex aquifolium) is dioecious. What does this mean?

Christmas Food

6. Frost changes the taste of veg such as parsnips and sprouts. In what way?

7. What is the first fully blight resistant tomato, exclusive to Dobies?

8. A red leafed vegetable is perfect for a winter salad, what is it?

9. The Women’s Institute may have a link to which winter vegetable?

10. Which purple cauliflower retains its colour when cooked?

Christmas Trees

11. Who made Christmas trees popular in England?

12. What are the 3 main types of real Christmas tree?

13. Can you eat your Christmas tree?

14. Why does Norway gift a Christmas Tree to Britain each year?

15. How old is the average Christmas tree when cut?

Christmas Music

16. According to the well-known folk carol which tree wears the crown?

17. Who wrote In the Bleak Mid-Winter?

18. Who composed the Nutcracker Suite?

19. Where was Chris Rea going to spend Christmas?

20. Originally who was it that went “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”?

Christmas Crackers

21. Where does Santa go when he’s feeling poorly?

22. What is the most popular Christmas wine?

23. Why are Christmas trees no good at knitting?

24. Who do MI6 have to look out for at Christmas?

25. Why does Father Christmas need not one, not two but three gardens?

So, how did you do in our Christmas Gardening Quiz?
The answers will be posted on the 29th December.

Dobies Vegetable Garden Planner

Dobies Vegetable Garden Planner is the best way to plan your vegetable garden or allotment.

Those wet days when you know it’s best to keep off the garden are the perfect time to start planning. Planning what veg to grow, how many and where, during the year ahead. Sure, you can do this in a notebook, carefully drawing your plot to scale and rubbing out as you change your mind. However, there is a simpler and better way.

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Planning Ahead

With summer not yet underway it may seem too early but gardening is all about planning ahead and now really is the time to start thinking about winter and spring-flowering bedding plants and bulbs.

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