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March Newsletter

“Oh, the good life, full of fun seems to be the ideal”

It’s coming, Spring is almost here! Most of the country has had a fairly easy winter but even so what joy spring brings! The birds are singing, the blossom is blossoming, our gardens are awakening. I could go on, with a host of golden clichés but I won’t, I’ll stop.

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Zinnia – the Flower of 2017

Zinnias are declared as being the flower of the year for 2017. With their huge range of colours, heights and flower sizes there’s at least one zinnia for every garden.

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Sweetcorn Fresh from the Garden

Sweetcorn must be one of the most rewarding crops to grow as the taste of freshly picked cobs is so very much better than anything shop bought. If you haven’t tried it yet and have the space, then do give sweetcorn a go. You really won’t be disappointed.

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Scotch Bonnets for Easter

Scotch bonnets are possibly of more interest to our customers than Easter bonnets so let’s have a look at this round, red fiery lovely. Originating in the Caribbean, Scotch Bonnet chillies are said to resemble a Tam O’Shanter hat, hence the name. Nothing at all like a pretty Easter bonnet decorated with wild flowers!

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February’s Primrose

The native primrose (primula vulgaris) is the prima flower or “first rose” of the year. Even though it is clearly not a rose! This heralds of spring is traditionally pale yellow adding a splash of colour to an otherwise dull February day.

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