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In Praise of Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes are the tiny, sometimes grape-sized, tomatoes much loved by adults and children alike. They tend to be sweeter than other types and are suitable for adding whole to salads, roasting or simply eating fresh from the plant. In addition to trusty favourite varieties we are introducing some exciting new cherry tomatoes this year. Not just for the sake of it but because they are an improvement on what came before.
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Blight Resistant Tomatoes – Crimson Crush

Back in 2015 we launched a revolution in blight resistant tomatoes – Crimson Crush. Many allotment holders and gardeners had long since stopped growing outdoor tomatoes due to the disappointment of seeing their crop devastated by blight. Crimson Crush is a proven answer and for 2017 we are extending this blight resistant tomato family.

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Why Grow Grafted Plants?

Why grow grafted plants when a wider range of fruit and vegetables is available to grow from seed or from ordinary plants? The simple answer is to get the best from a combination of varieties with the most vigorous rootstock and those that are the most flavoursome, the result being a higher tasty yield.

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Tomato Blight

Many allotment holders and gardeners have long since stopped growing outdoor tomatoes, mainly because they have suffered the disappointment of seeing their entire season’s tomato crop devastated by blight. Blight is a fungal disease that thrives in warm wet conditions, such as the typical British summer!

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Storing Tomatoes

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