How and why we have gone peat-free in 2020!

Going Peat Free

This year we have worked tirelessly to ensure that all of the plants we grow ourselves are 100% peat-free! With climate change being at the forefront of everybody’s minds, businesses have been left to question whether they are doing enough? Well, whenever we look at new and innovative ways to improve our sustainability we try to go one step further. 

Because of this, Dobies is at the forefront of an industry-wide transformation! For over 120 years our customers have enjoyed high quality and ethically sourced products. We know we’re not absolutely perfect when it comes to sustainability but we have taken huge steps to becoming a lot better. Now that we’ve started, there’s no stopping us!

Dobies Home-Grown Plants are 100% peat-free

In our nursery in Devon, we have switched to 100% peat-free compost! We’re proud to have achieved this 10 years ahead of the government guidelines – it means next year we’ll be growing close to 1 million plants in peat-free compost.

Because of our efforts to go 100% peat-free, we have helped to push the industry forward. We have worked closely with our growing partners to remove peat from all of our value and garden ready flower plug plants too. With this included it means that 95% of the compost used to grow our plants will be peat-free and we’re working very closely with our other partners to remove peat from that final 5% as soon as possible.

Why Going Peat Free Matters

Undisturbed, peat bogs absorb and store huge amounts of carbon. It’s also a rich and vital habitat for plants, insects and many more species of wildlife. Peat bog mass is being extracted 60 times faster than it lays down, meaning that at this rate it is extremely unsustainable.

Going Peat Free In Your Garden

How can I go peat-free? You might be asking, well you can start by ordering peat-free compost. A totally natural and ecologically friendly product. Your plants will still grow strong and luscious with the knowledge that you are doing your part towards protecting our planet.

Look out for this icon! When you see it, it means the product is 100% peat free and you’ll save 5% off!

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. 

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